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  1. 7 Facts About GMO Foods You Need To Know | Daily Wire

    7 Facts About GMO Foods You Need To Know ... such as "tomatoes, potatoes, ... found in the Journal for Animal Science, which studied 29 years of data before and after ...

  2. Foods That Are GMO - Green Lifestyle Market

    That may soon change. BASF requested cultivation and marketing approval in 2011 for its Fortuna potato, genetically modified to be resistant to late blight. Many consumers concerned about GMO foods believe that conventional potatoes will not sprout because they are genetically modified. But this is not the case.

  3. GMOs, Lab meat, Hydrogenation: Safe or Dangerous?

    GMOs and Bible Prophecy What are GMOs? Since they were not in the food supply until 1994, how could they possibly relate to Bible prophecy? Do GMOs put the USA and others at risk? Here is a related YouTube video GMO Risks and the Bible. Chimeras: Has Science Crossed the Line? What are chimeras? Has science crossed the line? Does the Bible give ...

  4. ARTICLE: Natural GMOs: The Sweet Potato | GMO Answers

    ARTICLE: Natural GMOs: The Sweet Potato The following is an article posted by Layla Katiraee to the website Biology Fortified on how the sweet potato is a naturally genetically modified organism. Several months ago, a paper was published about sweet potatoes being “natural GMOs”.

  5. Biotech Potatoes in the 21st Century: 20 Years Since the ...

    The biotech potatoes commercialized in the mid-1990s (Toevs et al. 2011b) were a technological success and provided benefits to producers, consumers, and the environment, but anti-GMO pressure regarding the safety of biotech food crops led to their removal from the market in 2002, and their status remained unchanged for more than a decade. With ...

  6. GMO Health Risks « Healthy Food – Naturally

    GMOs. Part of the issue for us with GMO foods, is that the genetically modified proteins we ingest don’t go away. There is only one published human feeding experiment and that showed that the genetic material inserted into GM soy transfers into the bacteria living inside our guts and continues to function.

  7. GMOs Questions and Answers - Weebly

    The initiative was defeated — but only after GMO proponents like Monsanto, General Mills, Pepsico, DuPont, Hershey, Cargill, Kellogg, Hormel, Kraft, Mars, Goya, Ocean Spray, Nestle and other industrial food marketers spent millions on advertising to convince voters to vote against the measure.

  8. Genetically Modified food in Europe and beyond

    Modified soya and corn. Over 40 million tons of genetically modified soya is imported by each European member state to be fed to livestock and to make other products. ! I recently found that the United Kingdom government is carrying out Genetically Modified food studies, probably without the knowledge of the general public. They are making Genetically Modified blight-resistant potatoes.

  9. 'The Bad Food Bible' Says Your Eating Might Not Be So ... - NPR

    Dr. Aaron Carroll is the director of the Center for Health Policy at Indiana University and author of The Bad Food Bible: How and Why to Eat Sinfully. In it, he explains that there might be less ...

  10. Genetically Modified Rice Added to the List of Rejected GMOs

    As awareness of genetically modified food and the dangers associated increase, actions are being taken to eliminate the issue entirely. With countries destroying their GMO crops, scientists showing the facts, and individuals voicing their discontent on the matter, there is a large and growing contingent across countries that are taking action to preserve the integrity of our food supply.