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  1. Genetic Engineer Renounces His GMO Potatoes - GMO Science

    The plant biologist and genetic engineer Dr. Caius Rommens spent many years of his career working for Monsanto and then for the Idaho-based firm J.R. Simplot, where he developed hundreds of thousands of different GM potatoes at a cost of about $50 million.

  2. Top Scientist Who Exposed GMO Now Silenced by Biotech

    Dr. Pustazai’s comments about GMOs were aired on British television in the summer of 1998, and they were a viral flame that biotech decided to hose down as fast as they could. Dr. Pustazai has credentials as a world-renowned expert on food safety. He worked at one of the UK’s leading food safety research labs, the Rowett institute.

  3. The History and Future of GM Potatoes | PotatoPro

    Since Japan does not accept GM foods, a range of snack foods were recalled after it was found that dehydrated potato products contained GM potato. In March 2001, Monsanto took the Newleaf potato varieties off the market and since focused on wheat, corn, soybean and cotton.

  4. Independent GMO research is trashed: scientists hounded ...

    “The world of GMO studies is not what it seems at first glance. For example, a list of several hundred studies that were claimed to show GMO safety turned out to show nothing of the sort on closer examination (see Myth 2.3). It is padded with articles irrelevant to GMO safety and contains many papers that provide evidence for harm.

  5. Top 20 Foods and Products that have been Genetically Modified

    Animals that are fed GMO. US, Brazil and Argentina are the three main exporters of GMO soybeans. Most cows, pigs and chickens maize on GMO corn and soy except the ones that are certified organic or grass fed. Also most dairy products in US are produced from animals that have been injected with rBGH growth hormones and antibiotics.

  6. GMOs Could be an Important Tool in Feeding the World

    At the current level of agricultural production, there’s enough food to feed the world, says Eduardo Blumwald, a plant scientist at the University of California, Davis.

  7. GMO potatoes: The risks to health - RedGreen Labour

    It was a very casual observation, but normal potatoes already contain about 90 mg alpha-aminoadipate per kg (according to fooDB), which means that GM potatoes may have more alpha-aminoadipate than the GM corn variety LY038. The story of LY038 corn can tell us much about the food safety risks of the GMO potatoes I developed.

  8. Will GMOs Hurt My Body? The Public’s Concerns and How ...

    They tracked animal body weight, bone, eye, and thymus development, and general retardation. Like the studies on Bt corn, in all cases, they found no significant differences between the GMO potato and non-GMO potato diets, suggesting that there is no buildup or inheritance of toxicity, even over multiple generations. Figure 1.

  9. 19 Studies Link GMO Foods to Organ Disruption

    19 Studies Link GMO Foods to Organ Disruption. Further, the biotechnology firm Monsanto is only an FDA approval away from its latest monstrosity -- soybeans that have been genetically modified to produce omega-3 fats. That FDA approval is expected this year. Monsanto plans to include GM soybean oil in every product it can -- baked goods,...

  10. The 10 Most Important Crops In The World - Business Insider

    The rundown: Potatoes are the number one non-grain food product. Originally grown in the Andes, the Spanish introduced Europe to the potato in the 16th century and the starchy crop hasn't looked ...