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  1. Codex Alimentarius

    Since 2000 almost all of the 54 GM crop trials attempted in Britain have been vandalised to some extent. Trials of genetically modified crops should be conducted within a national high-security facility or in fields at secret locations across the country to prevent them from being attacked and destroyed by anti-GM activists, scientists said yesterday.

  2. How Does Coronavirus Kill People?

    Apr 11, 2020 · Sixty nine thousand, four hundred, and forty four. I step away from my writing for a few hours, dig a little in the garden, plant a row of potatoes, and 3,792 people have died “from coronavirus.” Cause of Death: Patriarchy. There are other, perhaps less well-studied factors in these deaths as well.

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  4. A Year in Search of Seeds and Hope!

    This blog is about my year around the world as a Thomas J. Watson Fellow. I will be going to India, Italy, Thailand, Ethiopia, Canada, Mexico, and Peru. Throughout the year I will be studying Seed Saving and the in-situ preservation of Genetic Diversity around the world. The research proposal for which I have been awarded a fellowship is titled, "Crops and Cultures: The Preservation of ...

  5. Why the Dutch are so tall | Dr. Randal S. Olson

    Jun 23, 2014 · Edit (6/29/2014): Several of my readers have rightly pointed out that although this data explains why many Europeans have grown taller in the past 150 years, it doesn’t necessarily explain why the Dutch are so much taller than the rest of Europe.

  6. Corrupt to the Core - Memoirs of a Health Canada Scientist ...

    Apr 14, 2008 · It is entitled Corrupt to the Core - Memoirs of a Health Canada Scientist and is coming out next month. It just went to press. It just went to press. In this book you can read what our government is willing to put into our food supply, public health be damned, to make their corporate buddies happy.

  7. The Placeholder - Kunstler

    Apr 20, 2020 · James Howard Kunstler is the author of many books including (non-fiction) The Geography of Nowhere, The City in Mind: Notes on the Urban Condition, Home from Nowhere, The Long Emergency and the four-book series of World Made By Hand novels, set in a post economic crash American future.

  8. No. 41: Being tall – Stuff Dutch People Like

    May 06, 2016 · Now with the 2nd and 3rd generation the kids are taller these days, eating more dutch food and the kids that eat vietnamese 6 times a week dont grow taller then the dutch food eaters. My cousins are from 3rd generations and one is 14 years old already reach 1.75cm and the other at 17years old is 1.82cm.

  9. Moveable Feast Cafe 2020/05/07 … Open Thread | The Vineyard ...

    2020/05/07 10:30:01 Welcome to the ‘Moveable Feast Cafe’. The ‘Moveable Feast’ is an open thread where readers can post wide ranging observations, articles, rants, off topic and have animate discussions of the issues of the day.

  10. Wageningen World 2017 04 (in English) by Wageningen ...

    Wageningen also tops the list for food science and technology in the Shanghai Ranking. Overall, WUR is among the top 150 universities in the world (positions 101-150).