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  1. Regulation (EC) 1830/2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 September 2003 concerning the traceability and labelling of genetically modified organisms and the traceability of food and feed products produced from genetically modified organisms and amending Directive 2001/18/EC .

  2. Farm Blogs from Around the World

    The purpose of this blog is to gather in one place the best farm blogs from around the world. Recommended farm blogs are asked to send a brief email (to info AT about their farm and their blog, and to include their own recommended farm blogs. I then make a posting. If it gets any more complicated that that, then....well, the idea is that it doesn't get much more complicated ...

  3. Brown rice

    The following chart shows the nutrients for which this food is either an excellent, very good, or good source (below the chart you will find a table that explains these qualifications). If a nutrient is not listed in the chart, it does not necessarily mean that the food doesn't contain it.

  4. Soybean plants are the most genetically modified organism (GMO) in the United States' food supply. As of January, 2006, the percentage of soybeans that have been genetically modified is estimated to be 75% and spreading fast. Virtually all products on supermarket shelves that contain any soy or soy protein have all been contaminated.

  5. Jan 5, 2017 - To request books from the Life Science Library new book shelf, select the book image, click through to the library catalog, and then select the Pick It Up button from the catalog menu. See more ideas about Book images, Life science and New books.

  6. 697 Best Drug Side Effects and Toxicity Issues images ...

    13 Dec 2018 - Drug Alerts and Toxic Substance Issues - Please Always Consult your Medical Practitioner before discontinuing any Prescribed Medication..... See more ideas about Medical, Health and Side effects.

  7. Dr. Vandana Shiva, the food activist, physicist and environmental leader that we introduced above came as a representative of India. Shiva told the judges, “GMO crops are the height of scientific illiteracy: pests and weeds develop resistance – it’s just evolution … All GMOs have done is to increase the load of toxins in our food.”

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  9. The nickname dates back to the Roman Empire, believe it or not. The Romans had a pretty interesting timekeeping system, dividing the day into four chunks of three hours beginning at 6 a.m.

  10. Jan 03, 2013 · Europe despite its ban on GMO food growing for some countries does import huge amounts and for more than ten years the types belatedly found harmful. Yes it is always possible that like development of the car and plane that eventually GMO foods will be safe and even better than everything before.