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  1. Cooler weather bringing the "luck of the Irish" to the USA ...

    Jul 11, 2009 · At the height of the famine Ireland was the major food exporting country in Europe the food being sent to feed the British armies around the world. At a minimum one million Irish died of the famine and the actual numbers are most likely much higher as many of the dead were not counted.

  2. George Washington Carver - Inventions, Facts & Quotes - Biography

    Jan 16, 2020 · George Washington Carver was born into slavery and went on to become one of the most prominent scientists and inventors of his time, as well as a teacher at the Tuskegee Institute. Carver devised ...

  3. Holiday Open Thread! : The Corbett Report

    This non-GMO thing was even mentioned on a Corbett Report New World Next Week – Climate Catholics, Martial Law PSA, 3D Breakthroughs. I eat there at Chipotle sometimes. More than two years ago, I remember suddenly seeing all these news articles (repeatedly) about different Chipotle establishments in different cities having food poisoning issues.

  4. /leftypol/ - Permaculture

    The planet currently produces enough food for 10b people, but that's with most of it being produced with modern unsustainable methods and a lot of that food going to animal feed and biofuels. While I don't doubt that permaculture and other methods of regenerative agriculture may expand that figure, that will likely be through de-desertification ...

  5. Biotech and the Environment - Slashdot

    The effects of feeding these potatoes to rats were being studied, and a small part of the research was published in the British medical journal The Lancet. Pusztai is most criticized for blaming the "construct" -- the extra bits of DNA put into the plant along with the lectin gene -- for causing cell proliferation in the rat intestine.

  6. Links 3/30/19 | naked capitalism

    Church’s, Popeye’s or KFC Fried Chicken, made with GMO corn fed, pesticide laced feed, antibiotics dosed chicken. grown on massive factory farms, cooked in cheap GMO, pesticide laced vegetable oil fryers, usually electric fossil fuel powered, from food processors warehouses where ingredients are wrapped in plastic, cardboard and are then ...

  7. The pioneering cancer doctor is a target once again. But you can help stop the attack. Stanislaw Burzynski, MD, PhD, is a biochemist practicing in Texas who developed (using his own money) a nontoxic gene-targeted cancer therapy called antineoplastons.

  8. Film “The Martian” was right, experiment suggests potatoes ...

    Mar 08, 2017 · Indicators show potatoes can grow on Mars. CubeSat-contained environment experiment underway. The International Potato Center (CIP) launched a series of experiments to discover if potatoes can grow under Mars atmospheric conditions and thereby prove they are also able to grow in extreme climates on Earth.

  9. The Reality of Food Scarcity, Famine, and Massive Disruptions ...

    Storing up supplies and becoming proficient in the production methods yourself is really the only way to ensure your food will be there when you need it.

  10. Elise Wainani Piliwale Archives - Sundays With Sam

    In October 2011 BASF requested cultivation and marketing approval as a feed and food from the EFSA. In 2012 GMO development in Europe was stopped by BASF. In 2010, a team of Indian scientists announced they had developed a genetically modified potato with 35 to 60% more protein than non-modified potatoes.