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  1. Scientists Who Studied Atomic Structure Flashcards | Quizlet

    Scientists Who Studied Atomic Structure. 24 terms. Contributors to Atomic Theory and Quantum Mechanics. 27 terms. Chem. Chapter 4 Atomic Structure. 21 terms. Atomic ...

  2. GMO's -- What's the real story? Are genetically modified organisms safe or dangerous? How do they affect people and the environment? There are tons of misinformation and disinformation out there. I have done a lot of research into GMO's because I believe them to be one of the greatest risks to the Earth and humanity's future.

  3. Film “The Martian” was right, experiment suggests potatoes ...

    Film “The Martian” was right, experiment suggests potatoes CAN grow on Mars Anthony Watts / March 8, 2017 From the INTERNATIONAL POTATO CENTER / CENTRO INTERNACIONAL DE LA PAPA and the “do you want fires with that interplanetary travel” department comes this interesting finding that I thought worth sharing for the sheer novelty of it.

  4. GMO crops |

    But Eric Darier, who heads the anti-GMO (genetically modified organisms) campaign for Greenpeace Canada, says such standards aren't effective. "I challenge your readers to find one label in Canada that mentions whether the food contains GE ingredients," Darier told in an interview. "Voluntary labelling doesn't work."

  5. Nonbrowning Arctic® Apples Set to Shake Up Apple Market ...

    As the world’s first genetically modified (GMO) apple, the nonbrowning Arctic® apple, prepares to hit shelves in select U.S. stores in the coming weeks, Produce Report caught up with Neal Carter, president and founder of Okanagan Specialty Fruits, Inc. (OSF) and innovator behind the Arctic® apple, at PMA Fresh Summit 2017 in New Orleans to discover the research, regulatory, and commercial ...

  6. Free potatoes Essays and Papers | page 2

    - GMO Labeling: The Consumers Right to Know Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs) have been around since the 1990s, and a vast majority of the food products that American consumers buy contain GMOs. Genetically modified organisms are made by changing their genetic make-up by inserting, or deleting genes, mutation, and genetic engineering.

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  8. Food Science and Technology: New Research -

    PREFACE Food scientists and food technolgists study the physical, microbiological, and chemical makeup of food. Depending on their area of specialization, food scientists may develop ways to process, preserve, package, or store food, according to industry and government specifications and regulations.

  9. Cooler weather bringing the "luck of the Irish" to the USA ...

    Every country in Europe, including England, imposed restrictions on food exports, except for Ireland, which was governed by England. At the height of the famine Ireland was the major food exporting country in Europe the food being sent to feed the British armies around the world.

  10. Dangers of Soy | Food Renegade

    Do you really think most people defending soy are discussing the merits of GMO soy and processed food? facepalm. To some degree the processed food tag can even apply to soymilk and tofu, especially the commercial products, but these can be made at home easily with organic soy, and the end product is much superior.