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  1. UPDATE: Huge Ring Appears Over Australia, is HAARP involved?

    UPDATE: Huge Ring Appears Over Australia, is HAARP involved? UPDATE: I have since found a video showing just such a ring over somewhere in Russia. It appears to have the same shape etc as those that showed on the radar the year before.

  2. Alternative Science

    Thu, May 14, 2015 In this video, British biologist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, one of the world’s most innovative scientists, describes how science is being constricted by unexamined assumptions that have hardened into dogmas. These dogmas not only put arbitrary limits on the depth and scope of science, but may well be dangerous for the future of ...

  3. [september_eleven_vreeland] Digest Number 1306

    There are 6 messages in this issue. Topics in this digest: 1. Sink the Dubai Ports Deal! From: "norgesen" <> 2. A Rough Guide to the European Round Table of In

  4. Lupus NewsLog

    Friends of Lupus NewsLog including Rose Harris, Royce Sharp and me, were regular columnists or frequent contributors to Everyday Warriors. At Lupus NewsLog Thrivers, we honor and carry on that intimacy of true life, hard won and shared with hearts wide open.

  5. Green | Off The Grid

    From vertical farms to solar-powered “farms from a box,” we’ve seen how farming technology has grown leaps and bounds in recent years. But for those who prefer something a little more rustic, growing food from a hole in the ground is as low-tech as you can get.

  6. Paleo Diet - Health - Lifestyle

    Of course volume is part of satiety. I am not saying it isn't. You appeared to say that people are under eating on paleo because they have to eat massive quantities of food and therefore were feeling full but under eating. I am saying, that you don't need to eat massive volumes of food to get the energy you require when on a typical paleo diet.

  7. The Automatic Earth: August 2 2010: America’s Fitful Reverie

    The British are angry with Obama for pressuring BP to suspend dividend payments and set aside $20 billion for the cleanup. Obama's strong-arm position has not only affected British pensioners, who own 40% of BP, but American pension funds, who own 39%, as well. In other words, the economic damage of the BP disaster goes far beyond the Gulf.

  8. Making Light: Open thread 51 -

    I think one of the problems with using the term "genetic engineering" for traditional plant breeding is that it makes the new techniques -- the ones for which the term "genetically engineered" is generally used, and the products of which get labeled "GMO" -- seem proven and benign, when one of the main points that anti-GMO folks make is that ...

  9. (PDF) DIGESTION | Nakato Lewis -

    GM foods have permeated every part of the food industry and the dangers we all face are coming to the surface. Our food and our medicine are being genetically manufactured for profit, many using the bacteria, E. coli.

  10. Comments for 2012: No Geomagnetic Reversal - Universe Today

    Comments for 2012: No Geomagnetic Reversal Because of the enormous amount of comments to this 2012 article, I’ve had to move the comments to a separate thread, because the page was slowing down ...