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  1. Genetically modified food - Wikipedia

    Genetically modified microbial enzymes were the first application of genetically modified organisms in food production and were approved in 1988 by the US Food and Drug Administration. In the early 1990s, recombinant chymosin was approved for use in several countries.

  2. World hunger blamed on U.S. | Local |

    The United States donates more food to the world than most other nations combined. But there are some who say that while the quantity is fine, the quality is lacking. In a talk Thursday night ...

  3. Potato - Wikipedia

    The 16th-century English herbalist John Gerard referred to sweet potatoes as common potatoes, and used the terms bastard potatoes and Virginia potatoes for the species we now call potato. In many of the chronicles detailing agriculture and plants, no distinction is made between the two.

  4. Verification and applicability of endogenous reference genes ...

    To standardize the rice-specific quantification methods, the criteria of six genes of rice (gos9, PLD, SPS, RBE4, ppi-PPF and oriazain) were compared and evaluated by ddPCR. The r

  5. How to Make Black Garlic Sauce -

    Coconut oil — This kind of oil is used as both a food and alternative medicine that does not have harmful effects when consumed. 16 It is a healthier alternative for omega-6 vegetable oils that may help reduce cholesterol through its polyphenol components. 17

  6. What Is Jicama Good For? -

    A 2005 study published in the British Journal of Nutrition showed that foods containing inulin, such as jicama, may help the risk of colon cancer in several ways, which include reducing exposure as well as the toxic impact of carcinogens in the gut, and inhibiting the growth and spread of colon cancer to other areas of the body.

  7. Genetic Engineering | Organic Consumers Association

    5 days ago · GMO = Genetically Modified Organism GMOs are created in a lab, by inserting a gene from one organism into another unrelated organism, producing plants and animals that would never occur in nature. No long-term safety studies have been done on humans, but animal studies link the consumption of GMOs to an increase in allergies, kidney and liver disease, ADHD, cancer, infertility, chronic immune disorders and more.

  8. What are Eggplants Good For? -

    One interesting aspect of eggplant is that it's a member of the nightshade family of plants, along with tomatoes, potatoes and bell peppers, as well as chili peppers, habaneros, jalapenos and paprika. 14 However, eating too much of it may also cause some problems, especially in people with excess iron in their body or patients who are ...

  9. Acai Restore Detox Cleanse Best Price Deals: 24 Live Deals ...

    6 days ago · Biofinest Sweet Potato Powder -100% Pure Antioxidants Superfood - USDA Certified Organic Kosher Vegan Raw Non-GMO - Boost Digestion Weight Loss Detox - For Smoothie Beverage (4 oz Resealable Bag)

  10. Farmina Cat Food Review. This Italian pet food brand is owned by the Russo Magimi Company, which started in 1965 as a producer of livestock feed. Russo Magimi specialized in animal nutrition and produced feed for animals and fowl for decades, but didn’t venture into the pet food space until the mid-1990’s.