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    GMO; Labeling. $51 Million: That’s How Much Big Food Spent So Far This Year to Defeat GMO Labeling Cole Mellino, News Report--Big Foods has done all they can to support the Deny Americans the Right to Know Act, also known as the DARK Act. And most of it comes in monetary value spending more than $51 million to defeat GMO labeling.

  2. Biotech Potatoes in the 21st Century: 20 Years ... - SpringerLink

    Nov 19, 2015 · Anti-GMO activism fueling public debate regarding the safety of biotech crops eventually led to problems with marketing NewLeaf™ potatoes used for processing. The food industry, consumer groups, and anti-biotech activists, who remained quiet at first, began voicing opposition to products derived from biotech potato.

  3. 10 Famous Atomic Scientists timeline | Timetoast timelines

    Chadwick proved the existence of neutrons in atoms. His theory was that the nuetral part of atoms was called a nuetron, and it was a key part in splitting atoms. Chadwick was able to help other scientists understand the structure of an atoms nucleus.

  4. GMO's -- What's the real story? Are genetically modified organisms safe or dangerous? How do they affect people and the environment? There are tons of misinformation and disinformation out there. I have done a lot of research into GMO's because I believe them to be one of the greatest risks to the Earth and humanity's future.

  5. Nonbrowning Arctic® Apples Set to Shake Up Apple Market ...

    As the world’s first genetically modified (GMO) apple, the nonbrowning Arctic® apple, prepares to hit shelves in select U.S. stores in the coming weeks, Produce Report caught up with Neal Carter, president and founder of Okanagan Specialty Fruits, Inc. (OSF) and innovator behind the Arctic® apple, at PMA Fresh Summit 2017 in New Orleans to discover the research, regulatory, and commercial ...

  6. The Lowdown On Lectins | Mark's Daily Apple

    Add to this list the oils and other derivative products from these food sources. And yet another, lesser known category: GMO food, since lectins are often spliced into modified varieties in order to enhance “natural” pest and fungal resistance. What Do They Do To The Body? Let’s go back to the intestine again. (Some field trip, eh?)

  7. Dr. Gundry’s The Plant Paradox Is Wrong |

    You might try reading the book before commenting on it. He is a cardiologist and heart surgeon, not a plastic surgeon. Kale is on the good food list, as is celery, and nowhere does Dr. Gundry say kale has lectins – I just electronically searched the entire book.

  8. GMO Salmon Is Coming: What You Need to Know -

    Nov 19, 2015 · The FDA just approved the first genetically modified animal that people will eat. While the agency says it’s safe, not everyone is convinced. Here’s what you need to know

  9. Jan 14, 2020 · Jan. 1, 2020 — A team studied two mid-sized tyrannosaur skeletons and concluded they were in fact teenage T. rex and not a new pygmy species. They also studied the interior of the leg bones to ...

  10. Genetically modified plants and human health

    Jun 01, 2008 · Genetically modified (or GM) plants have attracted a large amount of media attention in recent years and continue to do so. Despite this, the general public remains largely unaware of what a GM plant actually is or what advantages and disadvantages the technology has to offer, particularly with ...