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  1. Genetically modified potatoes are studied, criticized in ...

    (Adrian Higgins/The Washington Post) Ewen Mullins is the face of modern Ireland: Young, cosmopolitan, highly educated, he is a plant scientist whose work on a genetically modified potato inherently looks to the future. But Mullins also must think back to one of Ireland’s darkest chapters, the Great Famine of the 1840s. “It’s always there,” he said.

  2. Genetically modified potato - Wikipedia

    In 2014, a team of British scientists published a paper about three-year field trial showing that another genetically modified version of the Désirée cultivar can resist infection after exposure to late blight, one of the most serious diseases of potatoes. They developed this potato for blight resistance by inserting a gene (Rpi-vnt1.1), into the DNA of Désirée potatoes.

  3. Genetically modified potatoes 'resist late blight' - BBC News

    Genetically modified potatoes 'resist late blight'. The researchers added a gene to Desiree potatoes, from a wild South American relative, that helps the plant turn on its natural defences to fight off blight. The scientists involved say that the use of techniques to add extra genes was crucial in developing a plant resistant to the blight.

  4. GMO potatoes: The risks to health - GMWatch

    Oct 11, 2018 · In an interview with GMWatch, Dr Rommens discussed the risks to health posed by the GMO potatoes he created. GMW: In your article for Independent Science News, you mention that "The GMO potatoes are likely to accumulate at least two toxins that are absent in normal potatoes”. Can you tell us which toxins these are and what health problems ...

  5. GMO Potatoes; Good or Bad? | The Hacker's Hangout

    One of the very first Bt GMO crops to be developed was NewLeaf Potatoes by Monsanto in 1995, however, demand for this variety was so low that they discontinued the line in 2001. Another GMO attempt was made to produce potatoes high in amylopectin starch for the production of waxy potato starch . This GMO potato,...

  6. More hidden GMOs in British food | Alliance For Natural Health

    Apr 05, 2012 · Ireland has agreed to voluntary labelling of human foods that have come from animals that have been fed on non-GM food. European citizens’ dislike for GMOs is the central factor keeping some of the biggest food producers in the world from including GM crops in the human food supply chain, given the presence of mandatory labelling within the EU.

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    TED aligns with Monsanto, halting any talks about GMOs, 'food as medicine' or natural healing 10 other companies that use the same Subway yoga mat chemical in their buns Warning: Enrolling in Obamacare allows government to link your IP address with your name, social security number, bank accounts and web surfing habits

  8. What Varieties of Potatoes Are GMO? |

    Varieties of GMO Potatoes. The potatoes have been genetically modified to reduce black spots and bruises by lowering certain enzymes. These varieties have also been also modified to produce less acrylamide -- a potentially cancer-causing chemical that forms when starchy foods are heated at high temperatures.

  9. 10 times science challenged 'studies' suggesting GMOs are ...

    The blog "10 Scientific Studies Proving GMOs Can Be Harmful To Human Health" is now a fixture on cyberspace. A scientist takes a hard look at the claims and finds the "studies" tell a different ...

  10. USDA Approves 2 New Varieties of GMO Potatoes - EcoWatch

    USDA Approves 2 New Varieties of GMO Potatoes. The U.S. Department of Agriculture formally approved two new types of genetically engineered potatoes. iStock This week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture formally approved two new types of genetically engineered potatoes, both of which were developed by Simplot, the Idaho-based spud giant.

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