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  1. Comments for 2012: No Geomagnetic Reversal - Universe Today

    Oct 03, 2008 · Comments for 2012: No Geomagnetic Reversal Because of the enormous amount of comments to this 2012 article, I’ve had to move the comments to a separate thread, because the page was slowing down ...

  2. Writing For the World - OoCities

    Creative, Academic, and Travel Writing of Jacob Thomas. Note On Writing Links: I have had a very difficult time linking up documents to the webpages, so if you really want to read an entire longpiece of writing, email me at and I shall send the piece to you wherever I am.

  3. HEALTH CARE - EverNewEcoN

    Serving Health Care Practitioners And Health Care Patients (Customers) Are First Met. Those Players, Ample For Wall Street's Need For Gaming, Can Even Have Shared Back Office Functions And Community Centric Roles, In A Nutshell, Turning The U.S., Instantly, Into Iceland In Terms Of Health Informatics Even Though We're Over

  4. substancial | United Kingdom | Spain

    substancial - Free ebook download as Text File (.txt), PDF File (.pdf) or read book online for free. contains some random words for machine learning natural language processing

  5. subrealism: May 2014

    May 31, 2014 · "The recent sharp rise in food prices has triggered riots in Egypt and other less-developed countries. Higher energy prices have also added on to the inflationary pressure. The poor are the most vulnerable sector to fluctuations in food and energy prices. Governments thus have to come up with subsidy measures for food and energy."


    and then gmo's are planet as food plantation, privatized sustenance mainly altered so as to accept maximum application of poison. In the Race for Cheap Airfare, It’s You vs. the Machine. Travel providers now use software to re-price their offerings, sometimes dozens of times a day, putting travelers at a big disadvantage.

  7. 1000 plants to cure cancer | Clinical Trial | Cancer

    2) Request to the European Government to prohibit every kind of GMO food cultivation or importation, which causes the failure of Metabolic Therapies in the treatment of chronicdegenerative diseases such as malignant tumours (Cancer, Leukemias, etc), benign tumours and other diseases affecting a vast share of the Italian population (Adult ...

  8. Uncategorized | proparanoid

    And ‘what if’ games are exactly the kinds of games played by scientists seeking to create new tools for problem solving, and just as important, they often rely on sci-fi for inspiration. And, unfortunately, the military and intelligence communities, as well as corporations and organizations with unsavory motivations, all have their own ...

  9. The Oil Drum | DrumBeat: September 1, 2006

    Sep 01, 2006 · Using grasses as 'energy crops' (bizarrely excluding food from the meaning of this term), other than sugar cane, to produce liquid fuel will under all known conditions be uneconomic as long as there is demand for food and demand for solid fuel for space/water heating and even electricity generation.

  10. English to the Max 1,200 Questions That Will Maximize Your ...

    English to the Max 1,200 Questions That Will Maximize Your English Power код для вставки