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  1. 4 days ago · Feel free to revert if you disagree or if someone wants to oppose - Dumelow 10:53, 2 June 2013 (UTC) Support This would be posted if it happened anywhere else. μηδείς 22:16, 2 June 2013 (UTC) Support. What's notable here is the large number of displaced people, due to violence. 331dot 22:19, 2 June 2013 (UTC) Posted.

  2. 4 days ago · Peter Gary Tatchell (born 25 January 1952) is a British human rights campaigner, originally from Australia, best known for his work with LGBT social movements.. Tatchell was selected as the Labour Party's parliamentary candidate for Bermondsey in 1981.

  3. Jan 18, 2022 · Podcast 234 - Johnny Rogan May 08, 2015. Mark Ellen and David Hepworth talk to Johnny Rogan, biographer of Morrissey and Van Morrison, about Ray Davies, the subject of his latest book, “A Complicated Life”. Recorded at the Islington in front of an audience at Word In Your Ear. Get bonus content on Patreon.

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    2 days ago · The word Islamophobia is a neologism formed from Islam and -phobia, a Greek suffix used in English to form "nouns with the sense 'fear of – – ', 'aversion to – – '." According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word means "Intense dislike or fear of Islam, esp. as a political force; hostility or prejudice towards Muslims".

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    1 day ago · Early life. Bhagat Singh was born on 27 September 1907 in the village of Banga in the Lyallpur district of the Punjab in what was then British India and is today Pakistan; he was the second of seven children—four sons, and three daughters—born to Vidyavati and her husband Kishan Singh Sandhu.

    • Execution by hanging
    • Shaheed-e-Azam
  6. 3 days ago · It was not uncommon for British officials to be given demeaning translation of their names in history. Before getting a new translation, the name of the very first Hong Kong colonial governor, Henry Pottinger, was originally translated as 煲 顛 茶 or Bōu Dīn Chàh in Cantonese which phonetically rhymes with his family name Pottinger fairly well but literally means “to brew crazy tea ...

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    7 hours ago · The frost-free period ranges from 160 to 200 days in the steppe and mountain regions to 240–260 days on the south coast. Precipitation in Crimea varies significantly based on location; it ranges from 310 millimetres (12.2 in) in Chornomorske to 1,220 millimetres (48.0 in) at the highest altitudes in the Crimean mountains.

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