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    The grammar of Cebuano shares many features with other Austronesian languages of the Philippines such as Tagalog and Ilokano.

    Cebuano vocabulary is Austronesian in origin. It shares many words with Tagalog. As a result of Spanish influence, Cebuano also contains many words of Spanish origin, such as names of the days of the week and months. In addition, the language has borrowed words from Chinese, Arabic, and English. Some examples are krus from Spanishcruz ‘cross‘, hayskul from Englishhigh school, andprayd tsikin from English fried chicken.In some cases, both the Cebuano and borrowed words exist side by side, such as numerals. Below are some common words and phrases in Cebuano. Here are two sets of the numbers 1-10 native to Cebuano and those borrowed from Spanish which are also in use. Spanish is more commonly used for numerals above 10.

    Although it is commonly believed that each province in the Philippines had its own ancient alphabet, Spanish writers of the 16th century reported that the practice of writing was found only in the Manila area at the time of first contact. Writing spread to the other islands later, in the middle of the 16th century. The Spaniards usually called the ancient Filipino script “Tagalog letters”, regardless of the language for which it was used. The so-called “Tagalog letters” were actually a syllabic script called Baybayin, which was used until the 17th century when it was gradually replaced by the Latin alphabet that is still in use today. The word baybayin, from baybay ‘spell’ in Tagalog, means ‘alphabet’. The Baybayin alphabet, probably developed from the Javanese script, adapted from the Pallava script, the latter itself derived from the Brahmi script of ancient India. There is evidence that Baybayin was used for writing in the Visayas, mainly for writing letters, poetry, and incantat...

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    Cebuano is a member of the Borneo–Philippine languages. Early trade contact resulted in a large number of older loan words from other languages being embedded in Cebuano, like Sanskrit (e.g. sangka, "fight" and bahandi, "wealth", from Sanskrit sanka and bhānda respectively), and Arabic (e.g. salámat, "thanks"; hukom or hukm, "judge").

    • Cebuano people
    • 21 million (2007), 2nd most-spoken language in the Philippines, after Tagalog
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    Grammar + Rules - Cebuano; do you have milk? [verb + noun] naa ba kay gatas? I have milk and coffee [preposition + noun] naa ko'y gatas ug kape : he has three apples [number + plural noun] naa siya'y tulo ka mansanas : she only has one apple [number + singular noun] naa ra siya'y usa ka mansanas : we live in a small house

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    In general, they are used to link words to other words. For example: I speak Cebuano and English the preposition is [ and] because it connects both words Cebuano and English. The following is a list of the most used prepositions in Cebuano. Prepositions - Cebuano. and ug.

  6. 20 Learn Cebuano/Bisaya ideas | learning, filipino words ... › dusicaurora › learn-cebuanobisaya

    In this episode you will learn how to say "I miss you" in Cebuano or Bisaya. Lesson: I miss you Gimingaw nako nimo If you are craving for a particular food you would say... Gimingaw nako og... Examples: Gimingaw nako og BBQ. Gimingaw nako og spaghetti.

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    Cebuano grammar encompasses the rules that define the Cebuano language, the most widely spoken of all the languages in the Visayan Group of languages, spoken in Cebu, Bohol, Siquijor, part of Leyte island, part of Samar island, Negros Oriental, especially in Dumaguete, and the majority of cities and provinces of Mindanao.

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    Cebuano grammar is the set of structural rules that govern the composition of clauses, phrases, and words in the Cebuano language, spoken in the southern Philippines. Contents 1 Pronouns

  9. (PDF) Semantic Change of the Selected Cebuano Words* › publication › 332098418

    This study attempted to determine the types of semantic change of the selected Cebuano words from the written texts, specifically the Bisaya magazine and spoken language of Cebuano speakers aged ...


    Key words: profanity, blasphemy, sex, taboo, effluvia, Cebuano, Tausug, haram, adat

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