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  1. v t e Centre-right politics lean to the right of the political spectrum, but are closer to the centre. Parties of the centre-right generally support liberal democracy, capitalism, the market economy, private property rights, and a modest welfare state. They support conservatism and economic liberalism and oppose socialism and communism. [1]

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    Centrism is a political outlook or position involving acceptance or support of a balance of social equality and a degree of social hierarchy while opposing political changes that would result in a significant shift of society strongly to the left or the right. [1]

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  4. The Centrists ( French: Les Centristes, LC ), known as The Centrists - New Centre ( Les Centristes - Nouveau Centre, LC-NC) since 2018, formerly known as New Centre ( Nouveau Centre, NC) and European Social Liberal Party ( Parti Social Libéral Européen, PSLE ), is a centre-right [3] political party in France formed by the members of the Union fo...

    • 29 May 2007 (as New Centre), 11 December 2016 (as The Centrists)
    • Hervé Morin
  5. Tout afficher. En politique, depuis la Révolution française, le mot « centre » désigne un courant qui se situe entre la droite et la gauche. Les « centristes » cherchent un compromis entre ces 2 tendances, ou bien ils appellent à dépasser l’idée même d’opposition entre droite et gauche. Les centristes se considèrent avant tout ...

  6. Right-wing politics is the range of political ideologies that view certain social orders and hierarchies as inevitable, natural, normal, or desirable, [1] [2] [3] typically supporting this position based on natural law, economics, authority, property or tradition.

  7. Feb 9, 2021 · The centre-right – composition and definitions. The centre – (or mainstream-) right in Europe is composed of more than one of the ‘party families’ that are the staple of comparative political science – namely, conservatives, Christian democrats and (some, though not all) liberal parties (for more detail see Bale and Rovira Kaltwasser Citation 2021).

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