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    • What makes a great school board member? | Parenting
      • Great school board members have a clear vision for the district. ...
      • Great school board members communicate their actions to the community. ...
      • Great school board members work as a team. ...
      • Great school board members adopt a fiscally sound district budget. ...
      • Great school board members focus on what is best for all students. ...
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    Communities typically elect a school board of three, five or seven trustees to oversee the local school district and make certain the desires of the community are met. The school board’s primary responsibilities are to: 1. Set the vision and goals for the district 2. Adopt policies that give the district direction to set priorities and achieve its goals 3. Hire and evaluate the superintendent 4. Adopt and oversee the annual budget 5. Manage the collective bargaining process for employees of the district A typical school board meeting will include many business items, such as approving the school calendar, adopting curriculum, overseeing construction, and approving contracts with outside vendors. A successful school board will balance discussion of the seemingly tedious business of running the district while paying close attention to the district’s priorities for academic achievement.

    These two school board members, one a leader in a large urban district and the other an integral part of a suburban district board, exemplify how school board members can have an important influence on the direction of their districts.

    How can you be sure that the education in your local public schools meets your expectations? A good place to start is by electing effective school board members. When deciding which candidate to support and vote for, you’ll want to attend community candidate forums and ask hard questions. Former, Charlotte Mecklenburg, North Carolina, school board member Arthur Griffin suggests asking the following questions:

    If you have sound judgment, an even temper, a willingness to collaborate and a sincere interest in public education in your community, you might consider running for your local school board. You will need to be 18 years of age, a registered voter, a resident of your district and eligible under the state constitution to run for office. If mounting your own campaign seems daunting but you are concerned about who is on the board, consider gathering a group of concerned citizens together to seek and support a candidate or candidates who share your vision for the district. Most importantly, be sure to educate yourself about the issues and encourage others in your community to do the same. And don’t forget to vote!

    Here are signs of a school board member focused on moving the school district forward and educating all students to meet high standards: 1. Great school board members have a clear vision for the district.They set the vision and goals, and measure the success of the district and superintendent against the goals. 2. Great school board members communicate their actions to the community.Through public discourse and written reports, great school board members keep the public informed of the district’s progress and challenges. 3. Great school board members work as a team.They collaborate well with others and are respectful of the other board members and superintendent. 4. Great school board members adopt a fiscally sound district budget.They pay attention to finances and regularly monitor the fiscal health of the district. 5. Great school board members focus on what is best for all students.They focus on student achievement and implementing policies that will ensure success for all studen...

    If you notice any of the following signs, it’s time to find some new candidates to run for your local board: 1. The school board member continually focuses on one issue or talks aimlessly at meetings. 2. The school board member doesn’t conduct him or herself in a respectful, collaborative manner in public. 3. The school board member comes to meetings unprepared. 4. The school board member “rubber stamps” all the superintendent’s proposals without asking hard questions. 5. The school board member micromanages rather than focusing attention on district-wide policies. 6. The school board member uses his position on the school board as an opportunity to put forth a political agenda with little relevance to student achievement.

  3. Characteristics of Effective School Board Members School boards are comprised of and enriched by indi-viduals from different backgrounds and experiences. However, individual school boards do the work more effectively when school board members exhibit the following characteristics: • A thoughtful, sincere, and deliberate approach to the ...

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    Being a successful board member begins with a genuine commitment to striving for high-quality public education that supports the full development of all children. There are certain skills and attributes that are consistently present in effective board of education members. Here are some steps to consider: Be prepared to participate responsibly.

  5. Effective School Board Member Characteristics Research findings on school board effectiveness can be applied to individual board member characteristics and beliefs. More specifically, studies give us a clue as to the individual characteristics that are seen in stable and more effective school boards.

  6. What Makes a Good School Board Member? | Diligent Insights › board-development-public
    • Understand The Role and Responsibilities of A Board Member
    • Continued Education and Development
    • Embrace Opportunities For Collaboration
    • Seize Opportunities and Resources For Growth and Development as A Board

    School board members are elected to serve as representatives of their communities. It is imperative for good board members to be aware of the work and expectations that have been set for them. School board member responsibilities can be burdensome, as they work to serve as advocates for their local district. However, the work completed by board members is vital to the success of the district and its students. Knowing and understanding the duties required of them, board members are also better able to understand the functions of other individuals who support district success (superintendents, administrators, staff, etc.). This knowledgecan allow school boards and administrators to perform their best work to collaboratively work toward improving district achievement. Through school board member responsibilities tied to governance, policies, budgeting, and more, the board can cultivate a culture of support and success within the community. There are tools available that boards can util...

    Even the most experienced school board members never stop learning. What makes a good school board member is the knowledge that being successful requires being a lifelong learner. Board members should take advantage of opportunities for training and development to enhance their skills and knowledge. Continuous and regular school board member training keeps board members cognizant of issues in the ever-changing field of education, while developing skills to contribute to the progress and success of the school district. Utilizing the right tools, like a school board management software, can make training materials easily accessible to school board members. School board members can load board education materials to the “library” features through the software. This allows board members to review training documents at their convenience. When using the right technology, board member trainings can be more simplified. School board management software equips school boards to promote good ori...

    The school board plays a significant role in the performanceof the local district. This body of public servants cannot achieve success through rogue members with their own agenda, but through the collective work accomplished by these joint representatives of the community. Relationships are vital to school boards tackling district goals toward student success. These relationships can include those between the board and administrators or staff, the board and the superintendent, and even among board members. Each of these connections effects the work toward accomplishing district goals. However, there are some boards who may struggle with developing these pivotal relationships and this dysfunction may be felt (directly or indirectly) by administrators, staff, and students. Collaboration between the school board and these parties is vital toward district and student achievement. Successful school districtswith high student achievement had boards that focused on a establishing and maint...

    Modern governance can be challenging, but it is through this practice of empowering leaders to fuel good governance in the modern age that leaders are encouraged and transformed – greatly impacting districts, schools, and students. What makes a good school board member is embracing opportunities through technology that can lead to better governance and decision making. Modern governance presents opportunities for school boards to take advantage of new resources to more efficiently and effectively accomplish district goals. This practice of modern governance goes beyond the boardroom to engage and equip board members and the community that they serve. The right technology can support modern governance by providing a streamlined platform for school board members to leverage. Technology can equip school board members to be more organized, efficient, and effective. Leveraging the right board management software, like Community by Diligent, school boards are better equipped to carry out...

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    Mar 21, 2006 · Probably. It is noteworthy to mention that the CTB/McGraw-Hill panel believes school boards can best champion education initiatives when their members are trained to exercise responsibility, possess a vision, demonstrate progressive leadership, and provide accountability.

    • Arthur Griffin Jr.
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    Implementer—when a Board member receives a specific delegated task from the Board to carry out. The Board member’s power and decision making ability is limited to the terms given to them by the Board. 3. Board Members understand their roles Resolve: 12 Characteristics of an Effective Board

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    Jul 14, 2014 · Either way, I always inquire as to what they think constitutes an outstanding board member. Here are my favorite characteristics of an outstanding board member: Pre-existing passion for the cause Eagerness to participate at every meeting

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