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      • Go to Settings.
      • Scroll down to Mail > Accounts > Add Account, and then select Google.
      • You’re now at the Gmail sign in page.
      • Enter your Gmail address, and tap Next.
      • Enter your password , and tap Next.
      • It will ask you which things you want to sync. Turn off the things you don’t want to sync, and tap Save in the upper-right corner when finished.
  1. 4 Ways to Log In to Gmail - wikiHow › Log-In-to-Gmail
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    • Logging Into Gmail on the Web: Navigate to Google’s website at Click on “Sign in” at the upper right corner of the Google Home page.
    • Logging Into Gmail on iOS: Tap on “Settings” from the Home screen of your iOS device. Scroll down and tap on “Mail, Contacts, Calendar.”. Tap on “Add Account.”.
    • Logging Into Gmail on Android: Tap on or select “Gmail” from the Home screen of your Android device. By default, you will already be logged into your Gmail account, however, you can continue to follow the steps below to log into an additional Gmail account.
    • Logging Into Gmail on Blackberry: Navigate to the Home screen of your Blackberry device and select “Setup.”. Tap on or select “Email Accounts.”. Select “Internet Mail Account” when prompted to choose an email account type.
  2. How To Check if Someone Else is Using Your Gmail Account › check-someone-else-using-gmail

    Apr 20, 2021 · This tutorial will show you how to check if someone else is using your Gmail account and what to do if your account has been compromised. Gmail is everywhere. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a Gmail account. Google provides a popular email service, but it’s also great for Google Docs, Google Drive, and other useful software.

  3. How to Share Access to Your Gmail Account › grant-access-to-your-gmail

    Apr 30, 2021 · Open your Gmail account, then click your profile icon in the upper-right corner of the Gmail screen. Select the desired account, which will have a "Delegated" label next to it. The owner and any other delegates who have access can read and send mail simultaneously through the delegated Gmail account.

  4. Add Another Email Address to Gmail: How-to Guide › add-another-email-address-to-gmail

    4 days ago · Log in to your main Gmail account. Click the Settings gear icon and select Settings. Click the Accounts and Import or Accounts tab. Click Add a mail account in the "Check mail from other accounts" section.

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  7. Gmail not receiving emails on Android? Try these fixes ... › gmail-not-receiving-mail-android
    • Solution 1 – Update The Gmail App
    • Solution 2 – Check The Servers
    • Solution 3 – Clear The App’S Data
    • Solution 4 – Enable Automatic Sync
    • Solution 5 – Check The Filters
    • Solution 6 – Disable Data Saver and Airplane Mode
    • Solution 7 – Re-Sync Your Account

    Gmail for Android is still just an app. And android apps are bug-prone. So, when you stop receiving emails through Gmail, the first precaution you need to take is check for app updates before proceeding with some more drastic measures.If there’s a problem inside the app’s code, Google will surely address it sooner rather than later, so you should be covered. Just head over to the Play Store, and check for Gmail updates.

    Gmail uses Google’s servers to deliver new mail to your inbox. Obviously, if the servers are down, you won’t be getting any new emails. Now, this doesn’t happen quite often, and it’s unlikely servers will remain down for an extended period of time.However, it won’t hurt if you check the server status, just to be sure. If the problem was indeed caused by a server outage, just wait some time until Google fixes it, and you’ll start receiving emails again.You can check the G Suite server status h...

    Now, let’s move to the oldest trick in the book (well, as old as updating the app). Whenever you have a problem with any Android app, clearing the app cache or data is a potential solution.So, why not give it a shot here, as well? Here’s how to clear Gmail’s cache and data in Android: 1. Go to Settings. 2. Head over to Apps or Apps Manager (depending on your phone). If you can’t find it, simply search for installed apps in the Settings search bar. 3. Locate Gmail in the Apps Manager (if you c...

    As you can guess from the feature’s name, it allows you to automatically sync your mail across all your devices. Automatic sync should be enabled by default, but in case it isn’t, let’s check it out: 1. Open Gmail. 2. Tap the menu button in the upper left corner. 3. Go to Settings > account (your email address). 4. Make sure the Sync Gmail option is enabled.

    One of the possible reasons you’re not receiving emails is filters! If your filters are not properly set, they’ll automatically redirect your ‘good’ mail to the Spam folder or some other folder like All Mail. All in all, it doesn’t deliver emails to where it should, and that’s the Inbox folder.So, you’ll probably want to check the filter settings, and remove all the filters that are blocking the email flow.You can manage filters in the Android app, so you’ll have to do it in your computer’s b...

    Turn off the airplane modeAs you probably know, the airplane mode drastically restricts your phone’s functionality. Especially when it comes to the internet and communications. Since there are no calls or the internet connection in the airplane mode, you obviously won’t be able to receive any emails.Sure, the airplane mode won’t be enabled all the time, but as it’s usually placed in the top settings panel, accidental taps may occur. So, disable the airplane mode and check Gmail once again.Che...

    And finally, if none of the solutions above resolved our issue with Gmail, our last resort is to simply try and re-sync your Gmail account with your phone. Here’s what you need to do: 1. Go to Settings. 2. Tap Accounts. 3. Tap your Gmail account (it’s usually your email address). 4. Go to Remove account and confirm. 5. Now, head over to Gmail, you’ll see the “Account sync is off. Turn it on in Account settings” message. Tap the message. 6. Tap Manage your Google Account > Add account. 7. Log...

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