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  1. Constantine II (Latin: Flavius Claudius Constantinus; February 316 – 340) was Roman emperor from 337 to 340. Son of Constantine the Great and co-emperor alongside his brothers, his attempt to exert his perceived rights of primogeniture led to his death in a failed invasion of Italy in 340.

  2. Constantine was born in the afternoon of 2 June 1940 at his parent's residence, the Psychiko Palace in Psychiko, a suburb of Athens. He was the nephew of King George II, and also the second child and only legitimate son of the childless king's younger brother and heir presumptive, Crown Prince Paul.

  3. Constantine I ( Latin: Flavius Valerius Constantinus; Greek: Κωνσταντῖνος, translit. Kōnstantînos; 27 February c. 272 – 22 May 337), also known as Constantine the Great, was Roman emperor from 306 to 337. Born in Naissus, Dacia Mediterranea (now Niš, Serbia ), he was the son of Flavius Constantius (a Roman army officer born in ...

    • 25 July 306 – 22 May 337 (alone from 19 September 324)
    • Helena
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  5. Tiberius II Constantine. Tiberius II Constantine ( Latin: Tiberius Constantinus; Greek: Τιβέριος Κωνσταντῖνος, Tiberios Kōnstantînos; 520 – 14 August 582) was Eastern Roman emperor from 574 to 582. Tiberius rose to power in 574 when Justin II, prior to a mental breakdown, proclaimed Tiberius Caesar and adopted him as ...

  6. Not to be confused with Constantius III or Constantine III (Byzantine emperor). Flavius Claudius Constantinus, known in English as Constantine III (died shortly before 18 September 411), was a Roman general who declared himself Western Roman Emperor in Britannia in 407 and established himself in Gaul. He was co-emperor from 409 until 411.

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    1. Constantine, Algeria, the nation's third largest city and capital of Constantine Province 2. Constantine Province, surrounding the city of the same name 3. Beylik of Constantine, an administrative unit of the Regency of Algiers 4. Constantine (departement), similar area during French Algeria


    1. Constantine the Great Airport, Niš, Serbia


    1. Constantine, Switzerland, a municipality in the canton of Vaud

    Constantine (album), an album by Constantine Maroulis
    Constantine, a frog character who resembles Kermit the Frog and is the foremost criminal in the 2014 film Muppets Most Wanted
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