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    In the context of creation myths, the term Five Suns describes the doctrine of the Aztec and other Nahua peoples in which the present world was preceded by four other cycles of creation and destruction.

  2. • The Creation of the Cosmos – Fire and ice cross a void, meet in the middle, and form a giant whom the gods then slay to fashion the world. • The Creation of the First Humans – The gods find two pieces of driftwood on the shore in the newly-created world, and bring them to life as the first man and woman.

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    Mythopoeia (Ancient Greek: μυθοποιία, romanized: muthopoiía, lit. 'myth-making')—or mythopoesis (μυθοποίησις)—is a narrative genre in modern literature and film where a fictional or artificial mythology is created by the writer of prose or other fiction.

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