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  1. The Cross of Lorraine was taken on by Rene, and, subsequently, by Marie de Guise, the wife of James Stuart V (parents of Mary Queen of Scots), for its occult symbolism. This occult symbolism showed the cross to be representative of poison.

  2. Cross of Lorraine pendant, made of real ethically sourced wood, gathered during one of my summer hikings on the surrounding mountains, and preserved forever into darkened copper. The copper raw finish is created by using an electroforming bath: an alchemical process which basically grows the metal

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  3. What is known as The Cross of Lorraine is the sole symbol which is at current representing the rebirth of It's a symbol that has connotations in the occult, alchemy as well as freemasonry, all of which have been underlying, reoccurring and key elements throughout Manson's art. For a complete overview and history of ...

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  5. The Cross of Lorraine . The pagan Cross of Lorraine (French: Croix de Lorraine) is often referred to as the patriarchal cross, and is a Christian cross bearing two horizontal lines over a single vertical line. The two-barred cross consists of a vertical line crossed by two shorter horizontal bars.

  6. The Cross of Lorraine (French: Croix de Lorraine ), known as Cross of Anjou in the 16th century, is a heraldic two-barred cross, consisting of a vertical line crossed by two shorter horizontal bars. In most renditions, the horizontal bars are "graded" with the upper bar being the shorter, though variations with the bars of equal length are also ...

  7. Aug 28, 2013 · Double Cross of Lorraine Symbolism. "The Double-Cross of Lorraine is, in our estimation, a composite symbol indicating Jesus the Christ and the Christ before him, namely - Akhenaton - symbolized by the lions and the crown at the top. Akhenaton is the "Phoenix" who rose from the ashes after the banishment from Egypt." -- Michael Tsarion.

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