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  10. Java Edition 1.16 – Official Minecraft Wiki
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    Ancient debris 1. Can be found throughout the Netherat any altitude, though it is much more common at lower levels. 2. Can be refined into a netherite scrap by smelting in a furnace or blast furnace. 3. Same blast resistance as obsidian, but is movable with pistons. 4. Inventory item floats on lava. 5. Cannot burn in lava or fire. 6. A diamond or netherite pickaxeis required to mine it. 7. Always spawns covered by lava and/or blocks on all sides. Basalt 1. Makes up basalt pillars. 2. Generate...


    Netherite armor 1. Upgraded using a smithing tablewith a netherite ingot and the respective diamond item. 2. Does not burn in lava, as a dropped item or when worn (playersequipping netherite armor, however, can still take burning damage). 3. Floats in lava. 4. Tougher than diamond armor. 5. Has higher durability and enchantability than diamond, but not higher than gold. Netherite axe, hoe, pickaxe, shovel, and sword 1. Upgraded using a smithing table with a netherite ingot and the respective...


    Hoglin 1. Spawn in crimson forests. 2. Are a hostile mob. 3. Drop raw porkchop and occasionally leather. 4. Have an adult and baby variant. 5. Can be bred with crimson fungi. 6. Are hunted by adult piglins. 6.1. Baby piglins are not hunted and do not hunt hoglins. 7. Avoid placed warped fungi, nether portals and respawn anchors. 8. Will convert into zoglinswhen in the Overworld. Piglin 1. Spawn in crimson forests and nether wastesbiomes. 2. Randomly spawns with golden sword or crossbow. 3. Ad...


    Bamboo saplings 1. Renamed to "Bamboo Shoot". Beacons 1. Netherite blocks can be used as the base of a beacon. 2. Netherite ingots can be used as fuel for a beacon. Bells 1. Now rings when hit by any projectile. Bone blocks 1. Generate as part of nether fossils in soul sand valleys. 2. Now have their own sound, instead of using the stonesound. Campfires 1. Now ignites when hit by any burning projectile. 2. Can now be crafted using crimson and warped planks. Dispensers 1. Can now put saddles o...


    Bone meal 1. Can now be used to grow kelp, weeping vines, and twisting vines. 2. Fungi, roots, and nether sprouts now grow on nyliumif bone meal is used on a nylium block. Charcoal 1. Can now only be smelted from items in the logs_that_burn block tag. 1.1. This change does not affect gameplay, as the new tag only contains items charcoal could be smelted from. Clay 1. Renamed to "clay ball". Compass 1. Can now be enchanted with Curse of Vanishing 2. Can now be used on the new Lodestone Block a...


    Bees 1. The maximum distance a bee can wander away from its home hive when randomly wandering has been reduced to around 22 blocks. Endermen 1. Now spawn in soul sand valleys and warped forests. 2. Can now pick up nylium, roots, and fungivariants. 3. No longer pick up netherrack. Fish 1. Now despawn when they are further than 64 blocks away from the closest player. 1.1. Does not apply to fish placed or namedby the player. Ghasts 1. Sounds are now heard at a shorter range. 2. Now spawn in soul...

    World generation

    Bastions 1. Fortifications built by piglins that are found in the Nether.

    These features were mentioned during the development of Java Edition 1.16 or earlier, or during MINECON Live 2019, but have not been confirmed to be added in this update.

    MINECON Live 2019

    Screenshots of the Nether Update from MINECON Live 2019: 1. A view of the soulsand valley. 2. Some soul fire present in the soulsand valley. 3. A view of the crimson forest biome. 4. A close-up view of the crimson forest. 5. A view of the warped forest biome. 6. A close-up of the warped forest. 7. Multiple piglins. 8. Multiple hoglins. 9. A target block being shot that activated the redstone lamps.

    Subsequent screenshots

    1. A view of the warped forest, with the red Nether fungi being replaced by two new types of fungi. 2. A better look at the terrain generation of the crimson forest and weeping vines, which generate within the biome. 3. A baby hoglin shown on Twitter. 4. Another screenshot which shows two piglins hunting a hoglin. Nether wart blocksseem to be growing on the ground. Note the piglin wearing golden leggings. 5. A soulsand valley that has gene...

    Concept artwork

    1. "This concept was made as we started talking about introducing huge nether warts in the Nether. This eventually led to us deciding to turn it into its own biome."– Johan Aronson, art director. 2. "We wanted to extend the palette in the Nether to enhance the feeling that you're not in the Overworld anymore. This was an experiment to find a suitable, contrasting palette to the original Nether setting."– Johan Aronson, art director. 3. Artwork by Johan Aronson, art director.

    Starting with 1.16, all major update version numbers will be the same for both the Java and Bedrockeditions.