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    e. The Décapole ( Dekapolis or German: Zehnstädtebund) was an alliance formed in 1354 by ten Imperial cities of the Holy Roman Empire in the Alsace region to maintain their rights. It was disbanded in 1679. In 1354 Emperor Charles IV of Luxembourg ratified the treaty uniting the towns of Haguenau, Colmar, Wissembourg, Turckheim, Obernai ...

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    The Decapolis (Greek: Δεκάπολις, Dekápolis, 'Ten Cities') was a group of ten cities on the eastern frontier of the Roman Empire in the southeastern Levant in the first centuries BC and AD. They formed a group because of their language, culture, location, and political status, with each functioning as an autonomous city-state dependent ...

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  4. Décapole of the Holy Roman Empire. Alliance of ten Imperial cities of the Holy Roman Empire in the Alsace region 1354-1679. Founding cities. Haguenau. Colmar. Wissembourg. Turckheim. Obernai. Kaysersberg.

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  6. Abila, distinguished as Abila in the Decapolis (Greek: Ἄβιλα Δεκαπόλεως, Abila Dekapoleos), and also known for a time as Seleucia (Greek: Σελεύκεια, Seleúkeia), and Raphana, was a city in the Decapolis; the site, now referred to as Qweilbeh (Arabic: قويلبة ‎; also Quwaylibah, Qualibah), occupies two tells, Tell al-Abila and Khirbet Tell Umm al-Amad.

    • 1950 BC, start of Middle Bronze Age
    • Northern Region (geographic only)
    • 1,500 m (0.93 mi)
    • Irbid Governorate
  7. Décapole (Proche-Orient) Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Pour les articles homonymes, voir Décapole . La Décapole, du grec deka ( dix) et polis ( cité ), désigne, dans l' Antiquité, dix villes principalement situées à l'est du Jourdain, qui se regroupèrent en une ligue. Probablement fondées par des colons grecs et ...

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