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    What is the scientific name of Danaus genutia?

    What is the scientific name of Danaus chrysippus?

    What is the taxonomic classification of a Danaus butterfly?

    What is the story of Danaus in the Iliad?

  2. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Danaus, commonly called tigers, milkweeds, monarchs, wanderers, and queens, is a genus of butterflies in the tiger butterfly tribe. They are found worldwide, including North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Indonesia and Australia. For other tigers see the genus, Parantica . Contents 1 Taxonomy 2 Phylogeny

    Common Name
    Danaus affinis (Fabricius, 1775)
    Malay tiger, mangrove tiger, or swamp ...
    from Thailand to the Philippines and ...
    Danaus chrysippus (Linnaeus, 1758)
    plain tiger, common tiger, African ...
    Asia, Australia, and Africa
    Danaus cleophile (Godart, 1819)
    Jamaican monarch
    Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Jamaica.
    Danaus dorippus (Klug, 1845)
    dorippus tiger (formerly included in D.
    eastern and southern Africa (mainly in ...
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    In Greek mythology, Danaus (/ ˈ d æ n eɪ. ə s /; Ancient Greek: Δαναός Danaós) was the king of Libya. His myth is a foundation legend of Argos, one of the foremost Mycenaean cities of the Peloponnesus. In Homer's Iliad, "Danaans" ("tribe of Danaus") and "Argives" commonly designate the Greek forces opposed to the Trojans

  4. Danaus chrysippus Linnaeus, 1758 Plain Tiger; Danaus cleophile Godart, 1819 - Jamaican Monarch; Danaus eresimus Cramer, 1777 - Soldier; Danaus erippus Cramer, 1775 - Southern Monarch; Danaus genutia Cramer, 1779 - Common Tiger; Danaus gilippus Cramer, 1775 - Queen; Danaus ismare Cramer, 1780 - Ismare Tiger; Danaus melanippus Cramer, 1777 ...

  5. From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Danaus is a genus of butterflies. Danaus is in the family Nymphalidae. Species in this genus are commonly known as Tigers or Monarchs . Species Danaus affinis Fabricius, 1775 - Malay Tiger Danaus chrysippus Linnaeus, 1758 Plain Tiger Danaus cleophile Godart, 1819 - Jamaican Monarch

  6. Danaus chrysippus, also known as the plain tiger, African queen, or African monarch, is a medium-sized butterfly widespread in Asia, Australia and Africa. It belongs to the Danainae subfamily of the brush-footed butterfly family Nymphalidae. Danainae primarily consume plants in the genus Asclepias, more commonly called milkweed. Milkweed contains toxic compounds, cardenolides, which are often consumed and stored by many butterflies. Because of their emetic properties, the plain tiger is unpalata

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