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  2. 8 hours ago · General relativity, also known as the general theory of relativity and Einstein's theory of gravity, is the geometric theory of gravitation published by Albert Einstein in 1915 and is the current description of gravitation in modern physics. General relativity generalizes special relativity and refines Newton's law of universal gravitation ...

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    1 day ago · On 10 April 2019, an image was released of a black hole, which is seen magnified because the light paths near the event horizon are highly bent. The dark shadow in the middle results from light paths absorbed by the black hole. The image is in false color, as the detected light halo in this image is not in the visible spectrum, but radio waves.

  5. Aug 09, 2022 · Today, we’re excited to announce that .NET Multi-platform App UI has graduated from preview and is available in the release edition of Visual Studio 2022 on Windows.Now, you have full access to productivity features that will help you build cross-platform native client apps with .NET faster than ever, and ship them to Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows from a single codebase.

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