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  1. Lore featured a multiplayer lobby that players would connect to, where players communicate with each other and join game servers. The lobby featured a large map of the "North American Sector", showing the current Maps, and control statistics of the maps (which faction controls which maps) in Lore.

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    • World Lore & Campaign Setting
    • Rules
    • Approved Content
    • Character Creation
    • Guides

    The overworld setting is found here: Dark Horizon Setting

    The base/RP rules: Rules 1.0

    Combat and Session rules: Combat Rules 1.0

    Other alternative rules: Alternate Rules 1.0

    Mature content rules: X-Rate Rules 1.0

    All Approved Content that isn't base Pathfinder is found here: Approved Content 1.0

    All Banned Content that is not allowed is found here: Banned Content 1.0

    Base character creation guide: Character Creation 1.0

    Mythic Rules: Mythic 1.0

    Dark Horizon cohorts and followers: Cohorts & Followers Guide 1.0

    Crafting and all its glory: Crafting Guide 1.0

    Downtime guide for your daily craziness: Downtime 1.0

    City building: house, bars, magical stuff, etc.: Building Guide 1.0

    • Overview
    • GamePlay
    • Development

    Dark Horizons Lore: Invasion is the title of version 2.0 and all following versions, of Dark Horizons Lore, a first person shooter video game, developed by Max Gaming Technologies. Invasion was released in 2005. Invasion plays largely the same as the original Dark Horizons Lore, with most of the updates being in the game's visuals, with updated vis...

    Gameplay in Dark Horizons Lore: Invasion The game most plays just like the original Dark Horizons Lore, with only a few key gameplay differences, such as new weapons and abilities: The Eastern Confederation MAVs were given Spider Homing Missles as a selectable secondary weapon, all Scout class MAVs were given the cloaking ability to hide from enemi...

    Invasion at GDC 2005 For version 2.0 of Dark Horizons Lore, Max Gaming Technologies decided to add many new features and dramatically updated visuals. During early stages, the development title the new version was "Lore Gold", later changed to Dark Horizons Lore: Invasion. The addition of the Synapse Lighting Pack allowed for better visuals, which ...

  3. Description. Ahh, another supplicant answerin' da Lich King's call. Freshly scourged, eh? Ya still be reekin' of da living! Long be da line of dem who seek da Lich King's blessings. Ya must rise above da masses and prove yerself worthy of wieldin' true power. Lookin' down over Zul'Drak, I sensed potential in ya.

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    Home. Hello and welcome to the Dark Horizon Wiki, a Wiki dedicated to chronicling the characters, lore, and history of our role-playing forum. The goal of this Wiki is to provide new or prospective members and current members alike with easy-to-digest, easy-to-locate background information on Dark Horizon's rich and detailed setting.

  5. HZD Interactive Map - Find all Collectibles, Animal Figurines, Side Quests, Holograms, & more! Use the progress tracker to keep track of your collectibles and get 100%! Horizon Zero Dawn Maps

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