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  1. Hugues 'Magnus' de Vermandois (Capet), I (c.1057 - 1101 ...
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    From the English Wikipedia page of Hugh I, Count of Vermandois:,_Count_of_Vermandois French Wikipedia: (1057-1102) Hugh I (1053 – October 18, 1101), called Magnus or the Great, was a younger son of Henry I of France and Anne of Kiev and younger brother of Philip I. He was in his own right Count of Vermandois, but an ineffectual leader and soldier, great only in his boasting. Indeed, Steven Runciman is certain that his nickname Magnus (greater or elder), applied to him by William of Tyre, is a copyist's error, and should be Minus (younger), referring to Hugh as younger brother of the King of France. In early 1096 Hugh and Philip began discussing the First Crusade after news of the Council of Clermont reached them in Paris. Although Philip could not participate, as he had been excommunicated, Hugh was said to have been influenced to join the Crusade after an eclipse of the moon on February 11, 10...

    He married Adele of Vermandois, the daughter of Herbert IV, Count of Vermandois and Alice, Countess of Valois. They had nine children: 1. Matilda(1080-1130), married Ralph I of Beaugency 2. Beatrice (1082-after1144), married Hugh III of Gournay 3. Ralph I (1085-1152) 4. Elizabeth of Vermandois, Countess of Leicester (1085-1131) 5. Constance (1086-??), married Godfrey de la Ferté-Gaucher 6. Agnes (1090-1125), married Boniface of Savone 7. Henry (1091-1130), Lord of Chaumont en Vexin 8. Simon (1093-1148) 9. William (c. 1094-c.1096) [In order originally presented on Wikipedia page: 1. Count Raoul I of Vermandois 2. Henry, senior of Chaumont-en-Vexin, (d. 1130). 3. Simon, Bishop of Noyon 4. Elizabeth de Vermandois, married Robert de Beaumont, 1st Earl of Leicester; William de Warenne, 2nd Earl of Surrey 5. Matilde de Vermandois, married Raoul I of Beaugency 6. Constance de Vermandois, married Godefroy de la Ferte-Gaucher 7. Agnes de Vermandois, married Margrave Boniface del Vasto. Mothe...

    Steven Runciman is certain that his nickname Magnus (greater or elder), applied to him by William of Tyre, is a copyist's error, and should be Minus (younger), referring to Hugh as younger brother of the King of France. However, on this point Runciman appears to have been wrong. "The byname "Magnus" with the given name Hugo in his family did not reflect an outstanding career or personal qualities, was not an error, and did not originate with William of Tyre. It has also been said incorrectly that the byname originated with a mistranslation into Latin of "le maisn", indicating only "the younger brother" (i.e. of King Philippe I); however, the doublet Hugo Magnus was traditional in the early Capetian family, and the count of Vermandois was the fourth man to bear this combined name including others who were eldest or only sons. Notably, this Hugo Magnus, count of Vermandois had a daughter Agnes who married Bonifacio I, margrave of Vasto, giving birth to a younger son by him who was nam...

    Some researchers have suggested that Hugues Magnus was not Count of Vermandois (see, e.g., Douglas Richardson, soc.genealogy.medieval, May 13, 2012). The evidence shows he was Count of Vermandois, but later in life. Some references that do not call him Count of Vermandois include the following (from Douglas Richardson, soc.genealogy.medieval, May 13, 2012). 1. . Annales Ordinis S. Benedicti occidentalium monachorum patriarchæ 5 (1713): 95 (charter of King Philippe I of France dated 1075; charter witnessed by “Hugues brother of the king” [Hugonis fratris regis].) 2. . Carlier, Histoire du Duché de Valois 1 (1764): 346–352 (“Hugues le Grand commença à prendre la qualité de Comté de Crépy, avant le fin duonzième siècle."). 3. . Gallia Christiana 10 (1751): 207 (letter of Hugh Bishop of Senlis to the Abbot of Crepy dated c.1095; letter mentions “domni Hugonis comitis de Crispeio”), 246–247 (charter of King Philippe I dated 1079; charter witnessed by “comitis Hugonis fratris Regis”), 248...

  2. The Daughter of Magnus Bane Chapter 1: Prologue, a ...

    The Daughter of Magnus Bane. Author's Note: So this may be a little OOC in some points for some characters. I apologize for that now. Also, this is me fixing some grammar in here. Also, my updates will be slow because of my tight schedule of Work, school, and free time. I hope you all enjoy it. Disclaimer: I own nothing from Shadowhunters.

  3. Magnus the Good - Wikipedia

    Magnus was left to be fostered by Yaroslav and his wife Ingegerd. In early 1031, a party including Magnus's uncle Harald Sigurdsson (later also to be king and then known as Harald Hardrada) arrived to report the news of his father's death at the Battle of Stiklestad.

    • 1035 – 25 October 1047
    • Cnut
  4. Ashley Magnus | The Sanctuary Network | Fandom
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    Ashley Magnus is the daughter of Dr. Helen Magnus and John Druitt. She is an Abnormal with the ability to teleport near-infinite distances across the world, a power she inherited from her father.

    Ashley initially reluctant, eventually teams up with him after much compelling discussion (aided by a brief physical confrontation with Druitt that leads to a short dramatic teleporting trip across the world) and teleports with him to Rome in order to save her mother from Nikola Tesla; another member of The Five. It was during this time that Ashley's suspicions about Druitt's past connections with her mother finally made her realize the truth: Druitt was her father. Ashley accepted it, but was n...

    Arrestingly beautiful, tough as nails, physically adept and a skilled fighter, she is perfectly suited for her calling as monster-hunter supreme. Ashley has moments of vulnerability but it's a side she deftly covers with a veneer of bravado and fearlessness.

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  6. Magnus I of Sweden - Wikipedia

    Magnus was the son of King Niels I of Denmark and Margaret Fredkulla, the second or eldest daughter of King Inge the Elder of Sweden. His elder brother Inge was killed in a riding accident, leaving Magnus as the sole heir to Niels. He grew up to be a tall and strong young man, a head taller than anyone else.

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  8. Magnus I, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg - Wikipedia

    Magnus I (1304–1369), called the Pious (Latin Pius), was duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg.. The son of Albert the Fat, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, Magnus was still a minor when his father died in 1318; he and his brother Ernest were put under the guardianship of their elder brother Otto, who continued as sole ruler even after his brothers came of age.

  9. Sevira daughter of Maximus - Wikipedia

    Sevira (a Vulgar Latin spelling of the Classical Latin name Severa) is purported daughter of the Roman Emperor Magnus Maximus and wife of Vortigern mentioned on the fragmentary, mid-ninth century C.E. Latin inscription of the Pillar of Eliseg near Valle Crucis Abbey, Denbighshire, Wales.

  10. Magnus Magnusson - Wikipedia

    Magnus Magnusson was married to Mamie Baird (1925–2012). They had five children. They had five children. Their eldest son, Siggi, died in a traffic accident in 1973, when he was struck by a vehicle close to the Glasgow Academy playing fields at Anniesland, Glasgow.

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    Magnus's Daughter. 82.1K 2.4K 95 "Just go through the portal, sweetheart." father said. I nodded and ran down the long corridor to the portal. A blue light hitting my ...