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  1. Delaware Colony was part of the Middle Colonies and played a pivotal role in the ratification of the Declaration of Independence.It was originally settled by the Swedish and Dutch under the leadership of Peter Minuit, but fell under English control in the mid-17th century.. The land that became Delaware was deeded to William Penn and was eventually separated from Pennsylvania and became its ...

  2. Dec 10, 2020 · The Delaware colony was founded in 1638 by European colonists from the Netherlands and Sweden. Its history includes occupations by the Dutch, Swedish, British—and the colony of Pennsylvania, which included Delaware until 1703.

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    Delaware was a Middle Colony founded in 1638. Like the other middle colonies, Delaware had fertile soil brought by Northern glaciers. It also had a longer growing season with ample sunshine and rain. These conditions were ideal for farming. Additionally, the Delaware river and proximity to sea enabled transportation.

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    Delaware sits in a desirable and strategic location at the mouth of the Delaware River on the western shore of Chesapeake Bay. Delaware struggled for its place on the colonial map, but it was a colony destined for mighty deeds. When the time came to fight for independence of the thirteen colonies, Delaware boldly answered the call.

  5. Delaware. Delaware was governed by Pennsylvania until the American Revolution, when it became a separate colony. However, it gained much of its culture, beliefs, and way of life from Pennsylvania. Originally, Delaware consisted of several Native American tribes, which were pushed to the outskirts of the colony when colonists began to inhabit it.

  6. Facts about Colonial Delaware will make you learn the American history. The colony comprises the area located on the west back of Delaware River Bay. Lenape occupied the land in the beginning of 17th century. Colonial Delaware was included in Middle Colonies in North America.

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    Nov 09, 2009 · The first European colony in the Delaware Valley was established by Swedish settlers in 1638. Between 1698 and 1699, the descendants of these early colonists constructed Old Swedes Church (also ...

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