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    Dornbirn (German pronunciation: [ˈdɔʁnbɪʁn] i) is a city in the westernmost Austrian state of Vorarlberg. It is the administrative centre for the district of Dornbirn, which also includes the town of Hohenems, and the market town Lustenau. Dornbirn is the largest city in Vorarlberg and the tenth largest city in Austria. It is an important ...

  3. Dornbirn. Coat of arms. Flag. Dornbirn is the largest city in Vorarlberg, Austria. About 48,000 people are living there (2006). Dornbirn has six districts named Markt, Hatlerdorf, Oberdorf, Haselstauden, Rohrbach and Schoren. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Dornbirn.

  4. The Dornbirn District is a district in Vorarlberg, Austria. It has an area of 172.7 km². As of 2012, 82,721 people lived there. The administrative center of the district is Dornbirn . Places The district has three municipalities, two of which ( Dornbirn and Hohenems) are towns, the third ( Lustenau) being the largest market town in Austria.

    • 172.7 km² (66.7 sq mi)
    • Austria
  5. Dornbirn, town, western Austria, on the Dornbirner Stream, in the Rhine River valley at the foot of the Bregenzer Forest, just south of Bregenz. First mentioned as Torrinpuirron in 895, it belonged to the counts of Montfort from the late 12th century until it passed to Austria in 1380. It received town status in 1901.

    • The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica
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    Vorarlberg ( / ˈfɔːrɑːrlbɜːrɡ / FOR-arl-burg, [2] [3] Austrian German: [foːɐ̯ˈarlbɛrk] i; Vorarlbergisch: Vorarlbearg, Voralbärg, or Voraadelbearg) is the westernmost state ( Land) of Austria.

    • 2,601.48 km² (1,004.44 sq mi)
    • Bregenz
    • AT-8
    • Austria
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