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  1. On hearing the news, an angry mob attacked the prisons, liberated the prisoners and sacked the King's residence. At 9:30 am on April 8, Italian troops entered Tirana and quickly captured all government buildings. Italian columns of soldiers then marched to Shkodër, Fier and Elbasan. Shkodër surrendered in the evening after 12 hours of fighting.

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    Though surviving remains are minimal, Durrës is one of the oldest cities in Albania. In terms of mythology, the genealogy of the foundation of Dyrrhachium includes among the founders Illyrian men (the Illyrian king Epidamnos and his grandson Dyrrachos), Greek men (the Corinthian Falio, descendant of Heracles), heroes (Heracles who was given part of the lands) and gods (Poseidon, as father of ...

  3. Albania (en albanés, Shqipëri o Shqipëria), oficialmente República de Albania (en albanés, Republika e Shqipërisë), es un país situado en el sudeste de Europa.Se encuentra en el mar Adriático y Jónico dentro del mar mediterráneo, y comparte fronteras terrestres con Montenegro al noroeste, con Serbia (específicamente con la autoproclamada república de Kosovo) al noreste, Macedonia ...

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