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  2. 3 days ago · Google Translate is a web-based free-to-user translation service developed by Google in April 2006. [11] It translates multiple forms of texts and media such as words, phrases and webpages. Originally, Google Translate was released as a statistical machine translation service. [11] The input text had to be translated into English first before ...

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  4. 3 days ago · According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term Persian as a language name is first attested in English in the mid-16th century. Farsi, which is the Persian word for the Persian language, has also been used widely in English in recent decades, more often to refer to Iran's standard Persian. However, the name Persian is still more widely used.

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    In January 2013, close to 50,000 new articles were added within a month. A few days later, on 19 February 2013, the Persian Wikipedia reached 300,000 articles, ranking it 18th among all Wikipedias based on number of articles. It currently has 962,196 articles, making it the 19th largest Wikipediaby article count. History of the number of articles: ...

    With article depthof 150, the Persian Wikipedia is currently ranked 23rd among all Wikipedias based on article depth.

    According to reports by Human rights lawyer Shadi Sadr, RFERL, Iranwire, Iran International, Justice for Iran, Open Democracy, Radio Zamaneh and other news outlets, the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance and the Iranian Cyber Army may be interfering the Persian Wikipedia, although the Wikimedia Foundation denies that there is abuse taking pla...

    In a November 2013 report published by the Center for Global Communication Studies of the University of Pennsylvania, researchers Collin Anderson and Nima Nazeri scanned 800,000 Persian language Wikipedia articles and found that the Iranian government blocks 963 of these pages. According to the authors, "Censors repeatedly targeted Wikipedia pages ...

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  5. 3 days ago · Middle Persian or Pahlavi, also known by its endonym Pārsīk or Pārsīg ( 𐭯𐭠𐭫𐭮𐭩𐭪) in its later form, [1] [2] is a Western Middle Iranian language which became the literary language of the Sasanian Empire. For some time after the Sasanian collapse, Middle Persian continued to function as a prestige language. [3]

  6. Apr 26, 2023 · Persian language, also called Fārsī, member of the Iranian branch of the Indo-Iranian language family. It is the official language of Iran, and two varieties of Persian known as Dari and Tajik are official languages in Afghanistan and Tajikistan, respectively. Modern Persian is most closely related to Middle and Old Persian, former languages of the region of Fārs (Persia) in southwestern ...