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  1. Robespierre overthrown in France - HISTORY

    Maximilien Robespierre, the architect of the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror, is overthrown and arrested by the National Convention. As the leading member of the Committee of Public Safety from...

  2. Fall of Maximilien Robespierre - Wikipedia

    By the end of the next day, Robespierre was executed in the Place de la Revolution, where King Louis XVI had been executed a year earlier. He was executed by guillotine, like the others.

  3. The Death of Maximilien de Robespierre, 1794 – Landmark Events

    The execution of King Louis XVI, January 21, 1793 While Robespierre, a leader of the Jacobin Party, led the Committee, most of the people that were publicly executed had their heads chopped off by the guillotine. A popular phrase at the time was “don’t get shaved by the national razor.”

  4. Cassanyes describes the execution of Robespierre (1794)

    Cassanyes describes the execution of Robespierre (1794) Jacques-Joseph Cassanyes (1758-1843) was a French politician and, later, a chronicler of the French Revolution. Born in Roussillon, close to the Spanish border, Cassanyes entered a seminary to train for the priesthood but later abandoned his in favour of medicine.

  5. Death of Robespierre - Heritage History

    THE ARREST OF ROBESPIERRE. After a very brief trial, Robespierre and his adherents were condemned to the guillotine, where Robespierre died shrieking, owing to the pain in his broken jaw when the bandage was removed (July, 1794). When he was executed, the spectators clapped loudly, for they were glad to be rid of him.

  6. Execution of Robespierre | French Revolution Timeline

    July 28, 1794-  Execution of Robespierre Maximilien Robespierre as know as the“incorruptible” and was the leader to the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror. Robespierre encouraged the execution, mostly by guillotine, of more than 17,000 enemies of the Revolution. Robespierre and eight  other men were on the  Committee of Public Safety.

  7. The Fall of Robespierre - Mount Holyoke College

    The Fall of Robespierre began on March 30, 1794 when he sent his fellow citizens and friends Danton and Desmoulins to the guillotine. Danton was a staunch patriot, but also had qualities that Robespierre detested. Danton lived beyond his means consistently, and it was rumored that he had accepted bribes from aristocrats and the king.

  8. File:Execution robespierre, saint just....jpg - Wikimedia Commons

    English: The execution of Robespierre and his supporters on 28 July 1794. Note: the beheaded man (6) is not Robespierre, but Couthon: Maximilien Robespierre (10) is shown sitting on the cart, dressed in brown, wearing a hat, and holding a handkerchief to his mouth. His younger brother Augustin (8) is being led up the steps to the scaffold.