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  2. Today we visited Fanning Island, part of the country of Kiribati. This island’s highest point is just 6’ above the high tide mark. 2500 people live here in this tropical paradise. They have no electricity and no indoor plumbing. No restaurants nor bars. Think Gilligan’s Island. They live a simple, but happy life.

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  4. NZ On Air has confirmed funding for two South Pacific Pictures' series in the funding round announced last week. Means Mums was South Pacific Pictures' contribution to the Mediaworks Comedy Pilot Week initiative and will now be made into an eight-episode comedy series. The series will begin filming in early 2019. Meanwhile, The Brokenwood Mysteries has been confirmed for a sixth series. The ...

  5. Feb 21, 2019 · Fanning Island is a study in green and blue. While the island offers scenic eye candy, it’s not always a paradise for those who live here. Life on Fanning Island may appear simple but it’s also a hardscrabble existence. With no power grid or indoor plumbing, residents rely on generators, water catchment basins and shallow, fresh water wells.

  6. The Fanning Island Lodge guesthouse, 'A la Belle Etoile', is rustic and comfortable, and offers a perfect immersion into the beautiful, simple culture of Fanning Island. This lodge is less luxury and more adventure travel, literally located in one of the most remote parts of the planet. Built slowly and lovingly over a period of 20 years by ...

  7. We arrive at Fanning Island at 7:30AM. It is 26℃ (79℉), 84% humidity, and a Sea Depth of 2,460 metres just outside the entrance to the atoll. Obviously the ship won’t be anchoring; instead it holds position with engines running until we leave at 2PM. This illustrates just how steep the fall-off is from the shores of this island atoll.

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