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  1. constitutional monarchy, system of government in which a monarch ( see monarchy) shares power with a constitutionally organized government. The monarch may be the de facto head of state or a purely ceremonial leader. The constitution allocates the rest of the government’s power to the legislature and judiciary.

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    A monarchy is a form of government in which a person, the monarch, is head of state for life or until abdication.The political legitimacy and authority of the monarch may vary from restricted and largely symbolic (constitutional monarchy), to fully autocratic (absolute monarchy), and can expand across the domains of the executive, legislative, and judicial.

  3. Dec 31, 2020 · A constitutional monarchy is a form of government in which a monarch—typically a king or queen—acts as the head of state within the parameters of a written or unwritten constitution. In a constitutional monarchy, political power is shared between the monarch and a constitutionally organized government such as a parliament.

  4. Oct 16, 2022 · Federal monarchy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Not to be confused with Federated monarchy. Part of the Politics series Monarchy Central concepts Monarch Monarchism Divine right of kings Mandate of Heaven Royal prerogative Types Absolute Chinese Legalist Composite Constitutional Crowned republic Diarchy Dual Elective Emirate Ethnarch Federal

  5. Federal (Federation) - a form of government in which sovereign power is formally divided - usually by means of a constitution - between a central authority and a number of constituent regions (states, colonies, or provinces) so that each region retains some management of its internal affairs; differs from a confederacy in that the central …

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  7. A constitutional republic is a state where the chief executive and representatives are elected, and the rules are set down in a written constitution. The head of state and other representatives are elected but they do not have uncontrolled power. What their power is limited to is written in the constitution.

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