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    • $29 and not a penny more. "my Revised santa list for Christmas. mike Jr. 1. Blackops three 2. PS4 3. hover board 4. golden watch 5. 29 Dollars 6. 3 golden chains"
    • Don't drink and sleigh. "Dear Santa if you want to grab a beer feel free to get the lot or Just one. PS the Fridge is near the door. From Flynn" Anybody can leave out milk and cookies for Santa, but this kid knows how to really get on Santa's good side.
    • A Christmas miracle. "I wish my dad's truck will be unstuck. If Santa can grant that wish it will be a miracle. " We're not sensing a lot of faith in dear old dad from Emily, who just wants her dad's truck to be unstuck.
    • The boy who wanted to be an Elf on a Shelf. "Dear, Santa me and my little Brother have been Ben tring oure our Best to Be good! But first things first I wou like to be a elf on the shelf ive I have Ben practicing I can sit on a shelf for like a half hour so far, And my Brouther Mickael wou love to Be a raindeer in fact hes practicing rite Now!
  1. 1 Dear Santa Christmas Letters. 2 Funny Letters to Santa. 3 A Real Santa ClausTalks About His Role. 4 Short,Clean Hilarious and Funny Letters to Santa Claus. 5 More Funny Letters ToFather Christmas. 6 More Amusing Dear Santa Letters. 7 Funny Letters Sent FROM Santa to Children. 8 Letters Santa Sent to Children.

  2. Enjoy these funny kid letters to Santa and remember to be a good girl or boy. 1. Oh Deer Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY Agree or disagree? 2. One Smart Puppy Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY 54 7 Agree or disagree? 3. A Tight Christmas Deadline Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY 43 Agree or disagree? 4. Claws in Santa's Contract Photo: flickr / CC0 Agree or disagree?

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  4. Nov 30, 2021 · Santa asked me what my heart wants this Christmas! I told him your name, and he said you’re already in my heart! Merry Christmas! I have no money to spend for you on this Christmas but know that I always have time to spend with you this Christmas! I love you! Everything grows old, except for You and Santa. Merry Christmas, my love.

  5. Oct 31, 2021 · Sample Funny Christmas Letter From, ---- To, ------ Subject: --------------------------------------------- (Mention the purpose) Dear Santa, I am writing this letter to you to wish you a Merry Christmas in advance. This year, I wish to meet you and also give you, my wishes. I like the gifts that you give.

  6. 31 hilarious letters to Santa to use as mini-monologues or as part of a holiday variety show! Ages 8 and up. Get ready for an afternoon of laughter with this collection of entertaining letters to Santa. There are 31 funny letters and two tear-inducing letters at the end. They are laid out on the pages so that they may be printed out, cut apart and put in a hat, or randomly distributed to your students.

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