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    Ghetto house, or booty house is a genre of Chicago house which started being recognized as a distinct style from around 1992 onwards. It features minimal 808 and 909 drum machine -driven tracks and sometimes sexually explicit lyrics . The template of classic Chicago house music (primarily, "It's Time for the Percolator" by Cajmere) was used ...

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    Ghetto house is within the scope of the Music genres task force of the Music project, a user driven attempt to clean up and standardize music genre articles on Wikipedia. . Please visit the task force guidelines page for ideas on how to structure a genre article and help us assess and improve genre articles to good and 1.0 standa

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  4. Gettoblaster - Wikipedia › wiki › Gettoblaster
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    2014 1. Gettotrax Vol 1 2015 1. Back 2 The Underground EP 2. Street Bleep 2016 1. Find My UFO 2. Club Beats 2017 1. Pimpin Hoes 2. Work That 3. Jello Booty 4. Bang to the Beat 5. Beat the Box / Bang It 2018 1. Bounce Back / Glock On My Strap 2. Let the Beat Control My Mind EP 3. Gettoblaster & Friends EP 4. Future Funk

    2015 1. "Southside Groove ft. DJ Skip" - Gettoblaster, Andi Rivera 2016 1. "Deep In The Jungle" - Gettoblaster 2. "Freak Bitch" - Gettoblaster, DJ Deeon, Bitchin' Camero 3. "I Need Weed In My Life ft. DJ Dagwood" - Gettoblaster 4. "Look At You ft. Donnie Lesko" - Gettoblaster, ZXX 5. "Street Wise" - Gettoblaster 2017 1. "The Warehouse Project" - Gettoblaster 2. "Turn It Up ft. Benjamin Paper" - Gettoblaster, Rescue 3. "Stop & Go" - Gettoblaster 4. "Bounce Dat Ass ft. Volsto" - Gettoblaster 5. "Finger Bang ft. Servante" - Gettoblaster 6. "Work Hard" - Gettoblaster, Rescue 7. "Disco Strip Club" - Gettoblaster 8. "Bang The Box ft. Robert Armani" - Gettoblaster, Nigel Richards 9. "Tweeter Tot" - Gettoblaster 10. "Finger Bang ft. Servante" - Gettoblaster 11. "Housedog" - Gettoblaster, Fuzzy Cufflinxxx 12. "Butterflies" - Colette, Gettoblaster 13. "Flip The Script" - Gettoblaster 14. "Work It Out" - Gettoblaster 15. "Hustling For Horns" - Bad Boy Bill, Gettoblaster 16. "Make Um Hurt" - Ge...

    2014 1. "Work That Muthja Fucker (Gettoblaster & Robert Armani Remix)" - Steve Poindexter 2. "Circus Bells (Gettoblaster & HumanTraffik Remix)" - Robert Armani 3. "Ambulance (Gettoblaster Remix)" - Robert Armani 2015 1. "Autograph (Gettoblaster Remix)" - Hatiras, MC Flipside 2. "Barcodez (Gettoblaster Remix)" - DJ Deeon 3. "Conduction (Gettoblaster & Robert Armani Remix)" - Johnny Fiasco 4. "Koolaid (Gettoblaster Remix)" - Treasure Fingers 5. "Do It Like This (Gettoblaster Remix)" - Defunct! 2016 1. "Walking Down the Street (Gettoblaster Remix)" - Ron Carroll 2017 1. "Freak Somebody (Gettoblaster & ZXX Remix)" - Fatman Scoop, Freak Fineman 2. "Crush (Gettoblaster Remix)" - Colette 3. "TRU Skool (Gettoblaster Remix)" - Alex Peace, Brian Boncher 4. "Jens Sap (Gettoblaster Remix)" - Robert Palmero 5. "Baby Wants To Ride (Gettoblaster Remix)" - Jamie Principle 6. "We Feelin' It (Gettoblaster Remix)" - Vanilla Ace, Jean Bacarreza 7. "It's A Love Thang (Gettoblaster & ZXX Remix)" - Paul J...

    • 2014–present
    • Dirtybird Records, Dirty Fabric, Guesthouse Music, In The Loop, Moody Recordings, Psycho Disco!
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    Outsider house (also referred to as lo-fi house, raw house or outsider dance [failed verification]) is a microgenre of electronic music combining elements of deep house, techno, and noise. The music is often rough, characterized by muffled drums, fuzzy synths and a gauzy, saturated quality that suggested "a fourth-generation cassette copy".

  6. Styles of house music - Wikipedia › wiki › Slap_house

    Ambient house is a subgenre of house music that first emerged in the late 1980s, combining elements of acid house and ambient music. See also: trance music. B Bass house Bass house is a style of house that appeared in the early-mid 2010s. The genre combines elements of riddim and UK bass, and often plays with heavy distortion.

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    Ghetto House i like Ghetto House. Ghetto House is one of the numerous branches of house music, emerged in Chicago in 1994. Ghetto house tracks are created with the usage of 808 and 909 drum machines. One of the main characteristic features of this style is extremely offensive sexist lyrics. Learn more →.

  8. How We Built the Ghettos › how-we-built-the-ghettos

    Mar 13, 2014 · “In one Oakland apartment,” writes Hirsch, “the space that was rented to one white family at $25 per month was able to house three black families at $100 per month.”

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    DJ Gant-Man & DJ Skip; Kick It Off (Dance Mania) Paul Johnson; Feel My M.F. Bass (Dance Mania) Flat Circuit (Metal X); Feel My D.I.Y.M. (Dance Mania) DJ D...

  10. These Are The 10 Most Ghetto Cities In North Carolina For ... › these-are-the-10-most-ghetto

    Dec 17, 2017 · 1. Henderson. Source: wikipedia. Income: $26,253. Drop out rate: 35%. Crime: 2nd worst. When you look at the data, Henderson is the most ghetto city in the state of North Carolina. Let’s see why. First off, people here are really broke.

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