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  1. Gjirokastra is love on the first sight. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the old town is famous for being a well-preserved city of authentic architecture and its fortress overlooking the entire city, the old houses lean against the slopes of the hills with their beautiful old wooden facades. Being the birthplace of the Nobel-laurate writer Ismail ...

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    Gjirokastër ( Albanian: [ɟiɾoˈkastəɾ], definite Albanian form: Gjirokastra; Greek: Αργυρόκαστρο, translit. Argyrókastro [ar.ʝiˈro.ka.stro]; Aromanian: Ljurocastru, Iurucasta or Iurucast) is a city in the Republic of Albania and the seat of Gjirokastër County and Gjirokastër Municipality. It is located in a valley between ...

    • 469.55 km² (181.29 sq mi)
    • Gjirokastër
    • Albania
    • Flamur Golëmi (PS)
  3. May 01, 2022 · Gjirokastra: Directed by Yuriy Arabov, Aleksandr Sokurov. With Besmir Bitraku, Polina Grishina, Loredana Gjeci, Muzafer Zifla.

    • Yuriy Arabov, Aleksandr Sokurov
    • 2022-05-01
    • Drama
    • Yuriy Arabov, Ismail Kadare
  4. Dominated by the sheer flanks of its vast castle, Gjirokastra is a magical city with a tumultuous past. From feudal stronghold to Ottoman jewel to Italian colony, the city has known many rulers and has inspired poets, authors and artists. Known by many as the City of Stone, Gjirokastra is a developing centre for cultural heritage tourism.

  5. Gjirokastra Expe-Tours. Guided experiential tours of Gjirokastra and surrounding region. Visit site

  6. May 22, 2022 · 6. Discover the Underground of Gjirokastra. Underneath Gjirokaster Castle and Gjirokastra Old Town is an underground bunker which is now possible to explore! One of the best things to do in Gjirokastra is to visit the underground city, especially in the summer to cool off below ground. It goes down more than 80 meters deep and is over 1km long.

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