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    Mumble rap (often referred to as "SoundCloud rap") is a loosely defined microgenre of hip hop that largely spread on the online audio distribution platform SoundCloud in the 2010s. The term implies a mumbling or unclear vocal delivery by artists, and may generally refer to rappers who do not share the genre's traditional emphasis on lyricism.

  2. Rapping is one of the four pillars of the hip hop culture, along with DJing, graffiti, and breaking. Rap is also considered a separate genre from hip hop in some cases where the artists do not make music compatible with the hip hop culture. Some of these cases include Lil Wayne, Juelz Santana, Lil Jon, 50 Cent, T.I., The Game, and Nelly. Rap mus…

  3. Mumble Rap. Mumble Rap is big right now in the trap scene, even if it has its detractors. This sample pack exceeds its name, you'll find that classic drawling cadence and some excellent lyrical takes that pay tribute to the creators of mumble rap. Our favorite sample from the pack: Vocal 14 Dry A#min 140BPM. 4. Royalty Free Acapellas

  4. Sep 30, 2014 · It wasn’t until 6 years after Coke La Rock spit his first rhymes that the first official commercially released rap song emerged. In the summer of 1979 the Fatback Band released a rap song entitled “King Tim III (Personality Jock).

  5. Acciones - Morkillaz - Sniper Axon - Teseh - Sedrik - Black Chavez - Nefaztho - Syas - Watza - Reactor'DVersos - Rola - Canales Esteparios

  6. Jun 05, 2012 · Listing the funniest rap lines of all time isn’t easy. While hip-hop lyrics often center on gritty depictions of drugs and violence, there’s a long tradition of songs about bragging, partying, and simply having good time. Hell, even the hardest gangsta tracks have some pretty funny lyrics, and whether we’re talking Slick Rick, Eminem, or

  7. Jul 21, 2022 · “ITS ALL GOOD” is the second single from the duo’s forthcoming album. It’s a wonderful follow-up to the first single from the album, “Little Dance.” At first listen it’s reminiscent of some early 2010 rap or alt-pop duos that we couldn’t get enough of – and that is only a compliment. Some sounds need to come back.

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