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    • Indonesian membutuhkan bantuan iklan untuk berjalan. Jika...

  2. Akinator is an online game developed by French company, Elokence. Known as the popular virtual genie, Akinator or Aki for short, lets you imagine a real or fictional character and just by asking a few questions, he will tell you exactly who you’re thinking about.

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  3. Hi again!In this video i'm going to show you Akinator, The Web Genius.It try to guess character that you are thinking of. It's really funny and littlebit cre...

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  5. He is Akinator, a mega genie, who is able to read your mind. No, it’s not a joke, but you can see him only in this game. You can think of any character, famous more or less all over the world, and he will give the right answer about his or her name. Don’t be so unbelieving, you should just check his abilities, and see, how clever he is!

  6. Aug 20, 2017 · Akinator, the Web Genius. I beat him last night by trying to make him guess Richard I (The Lionheart). “Yipee, I did it!” the man said with glee, “I've solved that darned riddle, I've solved it, you see!”. The sphinx simply smiled and shook her strange head, “I'm afraid you're wrong, and therefore you're dead.”.

  7. Nov 22, 2008 · Akinator, The Web Genius. So there's this thing called Akinator who is basically a genie. You think of a character that is real or fictional, as in in a fictional thing, and the genie asks you 20 questions. After the 20 questions are up, the Akinator will tell you the character you are thinking of. (You can't make up a character of course).

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