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  1. A national unity government in Greece is often called ecumenical government: 1926 under Alexandros Zaimis; 1944 under Georgios Papandreou; 1974 under Konstantinos Karamanlis; 1989 under Xenophon Zolotas; 2011 under Lucas Papademos; Hungary. There are five periods in Hungary when national unity governments emerged:

  2. Hungary in its modern (post-1946) borders roughly corresponds to the Great Hungarian Plain (the Pannonian Basin).During the Iron Age, it was located at the crossroads between the cultural spheres of the Celtic Tribes (such as the Scordisci, Boii and Veneti), Dalmatian Tribes (such as the Dalmatae, Histri and Liburni) and the Germanic Tribes (such as the Lugii and Marcomanni).

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