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  1. Review Summary: An essential release for those seeking a reliable cure for insomnia. There are only two possible reasons why Asia are still releasing records; they genuinely get a kick out of churning out album after album of inoffensive arena rock or they need the cash.

  2. Sep 12, 2018 · The album is light, pop rock collection of nine songs. “Gravitas,” the album’s titled track, begins with a sweetly played keyboard mélange from Downes, starting with synth strings, moving to piano, then the band jumping in. The chorus here is full organ and vocal shot-out-of-a-cannon commercial and the beat solid.

  3. Mar 24, 2014 · Ironically, the aptly titled Gravitas is one of Asia 's more reserved albums and Coulson, who acquits himself nicely throughout, isn't called upon to throw much fire for most of Gravitas ' running time. This isn't to say there aren't fireworks to be had.

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  4. Mar 18, 2014 · According to Asia’s John Wetton, it (Gravitas) is ‘pure, unadulterated and stereotypical Asia, with raw energy, enthusiasm and free from impurities’. For those people who have never heard of Asia, the debut album exploded onto the worldwide music scene in April of 1982. It was the best-selling album of that year around the globe.

  5. The band sounds tired and uninspired and Gravitas is disappointing even in relation to the weak Omega. Wetton seems to be the driving force of the band here and his vocals and lyrics are in the forefront with the other three members playing supporting roles. Palmer's drumming is particularly weak here.

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  6. Gravitas might have some of the best singing of his career. Downes and Wetton's production is also quite good and Gravitas is well recorded. With a few better tunes this could have been a 4 star or higher album. As it is, it's not bad. It's no great departure from what they've done in the past. It's really what you would expect from an Asia album.

  7. Gravitas is the thirteenth studio album by British rock supergroup Asia, released in 2014. It is the group's final studio album with vocalist/bassist John Wetton before his death in 2017 and the only one to feature guitarist Sam Coulson .

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