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    Helsinki (sweedisch: Helsingfors) as jü hoodstää foon Finlönj.Deer booge 648.042 mansche (2018).Et as uk e hoodstää foon dåt Uusimaa Lönjschap.. Geografii. E stää heet 8 grutdistrikte:

  2. Helsinki is a Finnish constituency represented in the Eduskunta. It covers the administrative area of the city of Helsinki, with a population of 591,306 (as of 2011). Helsinki elects 22 members to the Eduskunta. The constituency has an urban profile, as it includes the city center of Helsinki and its eastern, mainly working-class suburbs.

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    Helsinki ( Swadish: Helsingfors (help·info)) is the caipital an lairgest ceety in Finland. It is in the soothren pairt o Finland, in the region o Uusimaa/Nyland, on the shore o the Guwf o Finland, bi the Baltic Sea. The population o the ceety o Helsinki is 650,058 (31 Januar 2019), an urban population o 1,176,976 (31 December 2012) an a ...

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    In 1550, Swedish king Gustav Vasa commanded people to build a new city and move there. His idea was to build a new place to trade, which would be more popular than Tallinn. The idea did not work well, and many people returned from Helsinki to their homes. Later Sweden built the fortress Suomenlinna in Helsinki. After Russia had taken Finland from Sweden in several wars, they started developing Helsinki. Helsinki became the capital of autonomous province of Finland. When Finland became independentin 1917, Helsinki stayed as the capital city.

    Helsinki spreads around several bays and over several islands. Some famous islands include Seurasaari, Lauttasaari and Korkeasaari - which is also the country's biggest zoo - as well as the fortress island of Suomenlinna(Sveaborg). The metropolitan area of Greater Helsinki also includes two of Finland's biggest cities, Espoo to the west of Helsinki, and Vantaa to the north. These two cities, along with Helsinki itself and the small town of Kauniainen (which is in fact surrounded by Espoo), make up the Capital Region (Pääkaupunkiseutu in Finnish or Huvudstadsregionen in Swedish). There are other towns nearby that are part of Greater Helsinki, including Järvenpää, Kerava, Tuusula, Nurmijärvi, Sipoo, Kirkkonummi, Mäntsälä and Vihti. They have become popular places for Helsinki commutersto live.

    The public transportationnetwork in Helsinki and its area consists of 1. many bus routes serving most of the region. They are operated by different companies under contractto HSL. 2. one metro line (with two branches) between Helsinki and its eastern suburbs. The line first opened in 1982 and was extended to Espoo in 2017. 3. eleven tram lines, located mostly in the city centre. A light railline serving the northern suburbs has been planned and construction will begin in 2019. 4. several commuter trains between Helsinki and nearby cities. Some lines go as far as Lahti, Riihimäki and Karis. Helsinki Airport is located in Vantaa about 20 kilometers north of Helsinki city center. The airport offers both domestic flights within Finland and international flights to Europe, Asia and North America. Helsinki offers several boat services to Tallinn and Stockholm every day, along with ferriesto places including the island of Suomenlinna.

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    WorldFlicks in Helsinki: Photos and interesting places on Google Maps Archived 2007-12-11 at the Wayback Machine
    • 715.48 km² (276.25 sq mi)
    • 1550
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    Capital Region

    In the strictest sense, the Finnish Capital Region consists of four municipalities with city title, Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo and Kauniainen, whose total population is about 1.1 million (2014). This area is most often called the Capital region in English, Pääkaupunkiseutu in Finnish, and Huvudstadsregionen in Swedish, although the use of the terms is not especially consistent. The vast majority of the inhabitants live in the urban areas of the cities, but within the boundaries of these cities t...

    Greater Helsinki

    Commonly about ten more municipalities are considered to be part of Greater Helsinki, as they can be considered to be commuter towns and exurbs of Helsinki. When Hyvinkää, Järvenpää, Kerava, Kirkkonummi, Nurmijärvi, Sipoo, Tuusula, Mäntsälä, Pornainen and Vihti are included, the number of inhabitants rises to 1.4 million. All of the municipalities belong to the region of Uusimaa. Of these, Järvenpää, Kerava, Tuusula, Nurmijärvi, Sipoo, Kirkkonummi, Mäntsälä and Vihti have parts of the urban a...

    Other definitions

    As a part of the "Urban audit" project, Eurostat has attempted to standardise the concept of a 'metropolitan area'. According to this study the Metropolitan area of Helsinki consists of the kernel of Helsinki: Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, and Kauniainen. The Helsinki Larger Urban Area (Helsingin seutuin Finnish) consists of 12 cities and municipalities: the kernel of Helsinki and the aforementioned eight municipalities. Statistics Finland define the commuter belt of Helsinki (Helsingin työssäkäyn...

    The table below lists population, area, and population density for the largest municipalities of the Greater Helsinki area. (Note that "Helsinki Metropolitan Area" and the other terms used are not firmly established and may vary in different contexts.) The commuter towns of Lohja and Porvoo are not usually included, though, if they were (considering their proximity to Helsinki and their high commuting rate), they would raise the overall population above 1.5 million people. Hyvinkää, Järvenpää, Nurmijärvi, Tuusula, Mäntsälä and Pornainen, which have been designated as municipalities in Central Uusimaain recent decades, have shown clear population growth due to their urban but also loose rural environment. These are also known as "Kuuma-kunnat" (literally means "hot municipalities").

    • 3,697.52 km² (1,427.62 sq mi)
    • 1,526,694
    • Vaakuna – Symboler
    • Karttoja – Kartor
    • Vanha Helsinki – Gamla Helsingfors
    • Kuvia kaupungista – Stadsbilder
    • Öinen Helsinki – Helsingfors Nattetid
    • Talvinen Helsinki – Helsingfors Vintertid
    • nähtävyyksiä – Sevärdheter
    • Tapahtumia – Evenemang
    • liikenne – Kollektiv Trafik
    • Ostoksilla Helsingissä – Shopping I Helsingfors
    Suomi: VaakunaSvenska: StadsvapenEnglish: Coat of arms
    Suomi: Lippu (käytetään vain juhlatarkoituksessa)Svenska: Flagga (används endast vid festligheter)English: Ceremonial-only flag (rarely used)
    Suomi: Helsingin kartta vuodelta 1645Svenska: Karta över Helsingfors i 1645English: Map of Helsinki in 1645
    Suomi: Helsingin kartta vuodelta 1815Svenska: Karta över Helsingfors i 1815English: Map of Helsinki in 1815
    Suomi: Helsingin kartta 1900-luvun alussaSvenska: Karta över Helsingfors vid 1900-talets börjanEnglish: Map of Helsinki in the early 20th century
    Suomi: Helsingin karttaSvenska: Karta över HelsingforsEnglish: Map of Helsinki
    English: A giants kettle in Pihlajamäki is over 50 000 years old. The bedrock is approx. 1,9 billions years old.Suomi: Yli 50 000 v. vanha hiidenkirnu Pihlajamäessä, kallio 1,9 miljardia vuotta van...
    English: A grave from the Bronze Age [approx. 2000 years B.C.] at MeilahtiSuomi: N. 2000-vuotias pronssikauden hauta Meilahdessa
    English: Map of Helsinki in 1645Suomi: Helsingin kartta vuodelta 1645
    English: City Hall Square in 1820Suomi: Aukio kaupungintalon edessä vuonna 1820
    English: Old tram depot in TöölöSuomi: Vanha raitiovaunuhalli TöölössäSvenska: Gammal spårvagnsdepå i Tölö
    English: Typical architecture of TöölöSuomi: Tyypillistä Töölön arkkitehtuuriaSvenska: Arktektur typisk för Tölö
    English: Töölönlahti (Bay of Töölö)Suomi: TöölönlahtiSvenska: Tölöviken
    English: PohjoisrantaSuomi: Pohjoisranta
    English: Market squareSuomi: Kauppatori
    English: Villa Kivi by nightSuomi: Villa Kivi yöllä
    English: Ferris Wheel at Linnanmäki amusement parkSuomi: Linnanmäen Maailmanpyörä
    English: South Harbor in WinterSuomi: Eteläsatama talvella
    English: Aino Ackté's Villa in LaajasaloSuomi: Aino Acktén huvila Laajasalossa
    English: Esplanadi in the winterSuomi: Esplanadi talvella
    English: Sea shore in KallahtiSuomi: Kallahden merenrantaa

    Tärkeimmät nähtävyydet – främsta attraktioner

    1. English: Suomenlinna sea fortress in front of HelsinkiSuomi: Suomenlinna Helsingin edustalla 2. English: Kirnu ride at the Linnanmäki amusement parkSuomi: Kirnu Linnanmäen huvipuistossa 3. English: Korkeasaari Zoo is located on an island in front of HelsinkiSuomi: Korkeasaari Helsingin edustalla 4. English: Sea Life Helsinki is near the Linnanmäki Amusement ParkSuomi: Sea Life Linnanmäen vieressä 5. English: The Senate Square represents neoclassical architectureSuomi: Senaatintorin neoklas...

    Musiikki ja teatterit – Musik och teater

    1. English: Finlandia HallSuomi: Finlandia -talo 2. English: Helsinki National Theatre and Aleksis Kivi StatueSuomi: Kansallisteatteri ja Aleksis Kiven patsas 3. English: Finnish National OperaSuomi: Kansallisooppera 4. English: Swedish TheatreSuomi: Ruotsalainen teatteriSvenska: Svenska Teatern 5. English: KulttuuritaloSuomi: Kulttuuritalo 6. English: The 1952 Olympic Stadium is a place for concerts during summersSuomi: Olympiastadionilla järjestetään kesäkonsertteja

    Museoita – Muséer

    1. English: The National MuseumSuomi: Kansallismuseo 2. English: Open Air Museum on the island of SeurasaariSuomi: Seurasaaren ulkoilmamuseo 3. English: Botanical Museum, HelsinkiSuomi: Kasvitieteellinen puutarha 4. English: Ateneum art museumSuomi: Ateneumin taidemuseo 5. English: Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary ArtSuomi: Nykytaiteen museo Kiasma 6. English: Design museumSuomi: Designmuseo 7. English: Museum submarine Vesikko in War Museum in SuomenlinnaSuomi: Museosukellusvene Vesikko Suomen...

    English: Tuska Open Air Festival plays heavy metal at Kaisaniemi, Helsinki (July 2004)Suomi: Tuska Kaisaniemessä (Heinäkuu 2004)
    English: Summer concert in the Kaivopuisto park (June 2005)Suomi: Kaivarin kesäkonsertti (Kesäkuu 2005)
    English: The annual Flow Festival plays music at the historic Suvilahti power plant areaSuomi: Flow Festival Suvilahden vanhalla voimalaitosalueella
    English: Helsinki City Marathon (August 2007)Suomi: Helsinki City Marathon (Elokuu 2007)

    Lentoliikenne – Flygtrafik

    1. English: Helsinki Airport, runway 33Suomi: Helsinki-Vantaan lentoasema, kiitotie 33 2. English: Helsinki Airport from airSuomi: Helsinki-Vantaan lentoasema ilmasta 3. English: Helsinki-Malmi AirportSuomi: Malmin lentoasema 4. English: A Finnair MD-11 approaching the Helsinki AirportSuomi: Finnairin MD-11 laskeutumassa Helsinkiin 5. English: Finnair planes at Helsinki AirportSuomi: Finnairin koneita Helsinki-Vantaan lentoasemalla 6. English: Frontier Guard airplane at Malmi AirportSuomi: Ra...

    Vesiliikenne – Vatten

    1. English: South Harbor from airSuomi: Eteläsatama ilmasta 2. English: Silja Symphony passing Kustaanmiekka of Suomenlinna Sea FortressSuomi: Silja Symphony ohittaa Kustaanmiekan Suomenlinnassa 3. English: Ferry to Tallinn in front of HelsinkiSuomi: Tallinnanlautta Helsingin edustalla 4. English: Sailing boat in front of the South Harbour in HelsinkiSuomi: Purjealus Eteläsataman edessä 5. English: Cruise boats in West HarbourSuomi: Risteilyaluksia Länsisatamassa 6. English: The Vuosaari Harb...

    Tiet – Vägar

    1. English: The main roads of the Helsinki regionSuomi: Helsingin seudun pääteitä 2. English: Ring I from airSuomi: Kehä I 3. English: Ring III from airSuomi: Kehä III 4. English: Highway 4 in ViikkiSuomi: Valtatie 4 Viikissä 5. English: Porvoonväylä motorway to east from HelsinkiSuomi: Porvoonväylä itään Helsingistä 6. English: Länsiväylä in LauttasaariSuomi: Länsiväylä Lauttasaaressa

    Suomi: ItäkeskusSuomi: Itäkeskus köpcentrumEnglish: Itäkeskus shopping centre
    Suomi: Stockmannin tavarataloSuomi: Stockmann varuhusEnglish: Stockmann department storeSuomi: Stockmannin tavaratalo
    Suomi: Design Distric Helsinki myy suomalaista designia lähes 200 liikkeessäSvenska: Helsingfors designområde har nära 200 butiker som säljer finlänsk designEnglish: Design District Helsinki has al...
    Suomi: Kiseleffin talo SenaatintorillaSvenska: Kiseleffs hus vid SenattorgetEnglish: The old Kiseleff's house at the Senate Square
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