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    Why is hip hop considered a culture?

    What are facts about hip hop?

    Where did hip-hop originate and who were its founders?

    What are some interesting facts about hip hop?

  2. Nov 13, 2019 · Hip Hop Culture Origins Hip Hop Pioneers. Several people were influential in creating hip hop. However, the most notable pioneers are DJ Kool... Early Music Technology. The early 1980s was a vital turning point for hip hop and music production. Synthesizers,... The Golden Age of Hip Hop. During the ...

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    Hip hop magazines describe hip hop's culture, including information about rappers and MCs, new hip hop music, concerts, events, fashion and history. The first hip hop publication, The Hip Hop Hit List was published in the 1980s. It contained the first rap music record chart.

  4. Feb 13, 2021 · These pillars originated in the 1970s and continue to represent hip hop culture today: Deejaying: making music using record players, turntables, and DJ mixers Rapping: rhythmic vocal rhyming style Graffiti painting: also known as “graf” or “writing” Break dancing: a form of dance that also ...

  5. Random Facts: Frosty (RSC) invented the Death Drop Freeze, which bears part of his name. Grand Wizard Theodore (DJ Mean Gene’s brother) is the creator of the scratch and needle drop. As the legend goes Theo... Caz and Wiz have been DJ partners, b-boy hook-ups and best friends since 1974 — together ...

  6. Aug 16, 2015 · As a true fan of hip hop, I needed to go deeper and come to understand the history of hip hop. On August 11, 1973 a new, unique, and controversial genre of music was born. DJ Kool Herc is what people say the blueprint maker of hip hop. He was born in Kingston, Jamaica the same place where Bob Marley came from.

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