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  1. The Honey Island Swamp ( French: Marais de l'Île-de-Miel) is a marshland located in the eastern portion of the U.S. state of Louisiana in St. Tammany Parish. Honey Island earned its name due to the abundance of honey bees once seen on a nearby isle. The swamp is bordered on the north by U.S. 11, on the south by Lake Borgne, on the east by the ...

  2. Honey Island Swamp monster. The Honey Island Swamp monster, also known as the Cajun Sasquatch, is an ape -like humanoid cryptid creature, similar to descriptions of Bigfoot, purported to inhabit the Honey Island Swamp in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. It has become a part of Louisiana folklore, with many swamp tour companies in the area ...

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  4. May 05, 2008 · File:Honey Island Swamp, Louisiana (paulmannix).jpg. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. ... Pantano de la Isla Honey; Usage on

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    The monster was first sighted in 1963 when Harlan Ford and his friend Billy Mills were searching for an abandoned cabin, spotted by Ford in a plane, deep in the Honey Island Swamp. The friends reached a clearing where they spotted the creature, who kept eye-contact with them only for a moment before escaping into the underbrush. Describing the creature, Ford said the following: "It was nothing like I'd ever seen before--ugly and sinister and looking like something out of a horror movie!" In 1974, Ford and Mills returned to the area on a duck-hunting trip. The two found several dead boars with their throats torn out along the way. Realizing the boars were too far from the water to have been killed by alligators, they began to suspect the Monster they encountered nine years prior was involved. This suspicion was confirmed when they noticed footprints, three-toed and webbed, around one of the boars. Rather than have a second run-in with the Swamp Monster, Ford and Mills retreated from...

    Standing over 7.5 feet tall and weighing between 400-500+ pounds, the Honey Island Swamp Monster — also known as the Louisiana Wookie — is said to be covered in a thick coat of matted gray or brown hair and swamp weed. Its yellow eyes are seemingly reptilian, and the smell it emits has been called the stench of death. This primitive creature has long been blamed for the deaths of livestock and the mysterious disappearances of children in adjacent areas. Popular lore in the region is that the Honey Island Swamp Monster might be the horrifying product of a union between a chimpanzee and an alligator. And in the darkly primordial swamplands that must look much the same now as they did thousands of years ago, the existence of almost any creature seems possible — no matter how ominous. One of the strangest legends surrounding the Honey Island Swamp Monster revolves around a train wreck which allegedly occurred near the Pearl River in the early part of the 20th century. According to this...

    The Swamp Creature in Animal Planet's Lost Tapes was most likely the Honey Island Swamp Monster, which attacked the Professor, her nephew and Bud Ray at night after the nephew broke it's eggs.

  5. Take a personalized narrated nature tour into the 250-square-mile Honey Island Swamp. Nearly 70,000 acres of it is a permanently-protected wildlife area--the Nature Conservancy's First Louisiana Nature Preserve. People from all over the world now explore this wildlife sanctuary with him. Call (985) 641-1769 or (504) 242-5877 for Reservations ...

  6. Founded in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Honey Island Swamp Band is the recipient of numerous New Orleans music awards and has produced five acclaimed full length albums since 2006. Currently at work on their sixth record, the band is back on the road as live music venues continue to reopen nationwide.

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