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      • The Japan News partners with inkl. The Japan News has partnered with media startup inkl, a news service that curates articles from the world’s leading publishers for users to read on mobile devices. A selection of articles from The Japan News and The Yomiuri Shimbun is now available to read on inkl, which hosts titles from about 20 countries.
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    Japan is the eleventh-most populous country in the world, as well as one of the most densely populated and urbanized. About three-fourths of the country's terrain is mountainous, concentrating its population of 125.36 million on narrow coastal plains. Japan is divided into 47 administrative prefectures and eight traditional regions.

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    ja:山本顧彌太 (Koyata Yamamoto), ja:亀井重清 (Shigekiyo Kamei), ja:片岡常春 (Tsuneharu Kataoka), ja:伊勢義盛 (Yoshimori Ise), ja:駿河次郎 (Jirō Suruga), ja:鷲尾義久 (Washio Yoshihisa), ja:富樫泰家 (Yasuie Togashi), ja:村田勝志 (Katsushi Murata), ja:馬場元子 (Motoko Baba, ja:毎朝新聞 (Maiasa Shinbun), ja:松岡巌鉄 (Gantetsu Matsuoka), ja:吉村道明 (Michiaki Yoshimura), ja:沖識名 (Shikina Oki), ja:芳の里淳三 (Junzō Yoshinosato).

    If you're looking for a city, town, or village, you might find a link to it from the article on the prefecture.

    {{hlist|Confucianism - Japan (ja:儒教#日本における展開と変容)|Religion, Folk - Japan (ja:民俗宗教 no ja wiki)|Eichi Osawa (head of Jiseiin, or cat temple)|Sacred horse (ja:神馬)|Ryukyu glyphs, used in Fortune-telling in Ryukyu. (琉球古字)|Twenty eight attendants (ja:二十八部衆)|Atheism in Japan|Niihama Masjid (ja:新居浜マスジド)|Japan Islam Trade Association (ja:日本・イスラム交易協会)|Great Buddha of Nara (ja:東大寺盧舎那仏像; currently a redirect to Tōdaiji Temple)|Oshirasama (ja:おしら様)|13 mounds (ja:十三塚)|Shōmyō-ji (ja:称名寺 (横浜市))|Renge-ji (Tokushima) (ja:蓮花寺 (徳島市))|Yonaoshi}}

    Kana-wa meaning "Golden ring (weapon)" - It is similar to chakram and wind and fire wheels, even more accurately it looks like a modification of chakram. Imagine chakram that is sharp both inside a...
    Kuda yari or Kuda-yari, tube spear, a unique type of spear -a spear that is used by sliding the shaft through a kuda, a metal tube or pipe; the primary spear of the Owari Kan Ryu tradition of sojut...
    Nanban hachiwari (Japanese war hammer / Japanese war pick) similar but is NOT kusarigama89.201.228.101 (talk) 22:35, 7 November 2020 (UTC)
    Konpei, , mentioned by Serge Mol as possibly being a samurai police weapon, combined techniques from kusarijutsu and kakutejutsu (talk) 22:35, 7 November 2020 (UTC)
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  3. After Japan's defeat, strict censorship of the press continued as the American occupiers used government control in order to inculcate democratic and anti-communist values. In 1951, the American occupiers finally returned freedom of the press to Japan, which is the situation today based on the Article 21 of the Constitution of Japan.

  4. From today's featured article Torpedo Boat No. 38 (formerly Kranich), of the Schichau class The Schichau class consisted of 22 torpedo boats built for the Austro-Hungarian Navy between 1885 and 1891. Initially powered by steam from a locomotive boiler and armed with two 37 mm (1.5 in) Hotchkiss guns and two 356 mm (14 in) torpedo tubes, they all received two Yarrow boilers and a second funnel ...

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    The largest, the English Wikipedia, has over 6.4 million articles. As of January 2021, the English Wikipedia receives 48% of Wikipedia's cumulative traffic, with the remaining split among the other languages. The top 10 editions represent approximately 85% of the total traffic.

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