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      • Since English came to America in 1700-1800s, America's status increased higher than other people and the language became more important too. As the immigrants come from all over the Europe, Africa and Asia, English becomes lingua franca. Soon it became the main language not only in everyday use, but as a language of commerce, aviation and shipping.
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  2. English was the clear dominant language when the United States was founded, which shouldn't be too surprising as all the Founding Fathers were native English speakers. With a Constitution written in English and legislative sessions being held in English, English was the de facto language of the state.

  3. Most "English" that is spoken now is American and not British. Thus, I believe it might have started after WW2, when America became the world's top super power. Sadly, I have no strong evidence to back up opinions thus comment instead of answer.

  4. Apr 16, 2021 · Resistance to English as a Lingua Franca. While we English speakers may flatter ourselves by thinking that English has become the lingua franca because of some innate superiority of the language, this is hardly the case. Speakers of other languages have done so because it is convenient, advantageous, and expedient to have a working knowledge of English.

  5. English became the lingua franca in the 20th century and it was largely due to American influence. English was of course already spoken all over the world due to the British Empire, but France and Spain had also spread their language substantially too.

  6. Jun 20, 2017 · June 20, 2017. Illustrations by Teresa Bellón. According to linguist David Crystal, for a language to be considered a lingua franca it must be picked up by non-native countries, be made official in these countries and must be used in some important domains — like diplomacy, business or science. For my parents’ generation, French was the preferred choice for a second language, but within a few decades English took over.

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