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  1. The Ottoman Empire used this name officially as the name of the city. It means the centre of the Caliphate. Deraasdet This is also used while the Ottoman Empire was ruling the city. It is one of the old names of Istanbul. The meaning of this name is ‘Gate of Happiness.’ Asitane This name has a beautiful meaning.

  2. Oct 09, 2019 · How did the city of Memphis Tennessee get its name? Memphis, Egypt: The city from which ours in Tennessee got its name. “Memphis” is actually the Greek adaptation of “Men-nefer,” meaning “enduring and beautiful.” The Egyptian city was capital of ancient lower Egypt around 3000 BC. The Tennessee city was named for its relation to the ...

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  4. May 23, 2020 · The answer lies in a popular mythological story… The first settlement in the area was founded on the rock of the Acropolis in 3000 BC and was called Aktiki after its ruler- king Aktaio. His successor was Cecrops, who was half-man and half-snake, who he felt that it was only right that the city was named Cecropia in his honour.

  5. May 19, 2021 · According to Apollodorus, the king had named the city Cecropia after himself, while its previous name was Acte. Nevertheless, the city had not officially received the protection of a god, and, consequently, its name could still change. Athena and Poseidon Claim Cecrops’s City

  6. During the exile of Lord Ram, Shoorpanakha the sister of the Raavana tried to seduce lord Ram. Angered, Lord Ram ordered Lakshman to cut off Shoorpanakha’s nose (nashika/naak) thus this place got name “Nashik". During Mughal period, the city was named as “Gulshanabad" appreciating its beauty.

  7. Sep 16, 2022 · Ostby says the first 13 Polish families moved into Gilman in 1864 and she says after that a man by the name of Charles A. Gilman moved into the area and built a sawmill and hence the town was ...

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