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    • How to Check IMEI Number of your Apple iPhone XR?
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  1. How to find the phone number on an iPhone in 3 ways ...

    To find the number on your iPhone, tap the Settings icon and scroll down to the Phone tab and tap it. At the top of the next screen, the first line will be "My Number." The number on that line is...

    • Laura Mccamy
  2. How to Recover Call Logs on iPhone XR With/ Without Backup ...

    Nov 07, 2018 · Step 1: Run the software and connect iPhone XR. Open up the utility, and you should see three recovery modes on the left side. Choose "Recover from iOS Device" tab, and then plug iPhone XR to computer. Step 2: Scan iPhone XR and search for deleted call history. Once the device is connected, you can click Start Scan button. This will bring out a window, allowing you to select the type of data you want to recover.

  3. How to Restore Contacts on an iPhone From iCloud | Digital Trends

    Oct 23, 2020 · You can go to settings and turn them off and on again to let them sync to your iPhone again. Step 1: Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud. Step 2: Turn Contacts off and select Keep on My iPhone.

    • Kyree Leary
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  5. How to find your iPhone’s SIM, phone, and serial numbers ...

    iOS gives you a couple different ways to find your phone number. One method is to go to Settings > Phone and then look for “My number.” This will give you your country code, area code, and number.

  6. How to Find an Apple Serial Number & IMEI with or without ...

    Oct 29, 2020 · All you need to do to find your iPhone serial number on its original packaging is to look for the barcode sticker; the serial number is right there! If you still have your original Apple invoice or receipt, the serial number will be there as well. Use Your Apple ID to Find Your iPhone Serial Number

  7. How to Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone 11/XS/XR ... - iMobie

    Apr 30, 2020 · 5. Recover Deleted Contacts from iCloud Backup to iPhone. There is another way you could have a try to find your deleted contacts. If you’ve ever manually backed up your iPhone to iCloud or turned on iCloud auto backup, you can check whether there are some contacts stored in your iCloud backup.

    • Part 1. How to Recover Deleted Contacts on Iphone in Icloud
      If you have ever synced your iPhone contacts via iCloud, then there is chance to find the deleted ones. This is a little known feature that Apple a...
    • Part 2. How to Recover Deleted Contacts on Iphone With Backups
      Normally, if you have backed up your iPhone before you deleted the contacts, you can choose to restore your iPhone from iTunes or iCloud backups to...
    • Part 3. How to Recover Deleted Contacts on Iphone Without Backup
      If have no backup, there is still a way to recover deleted contacts. Actually, when you deleted the contacts from iPhone, they were not really gone...
  8. Identify your iPhone model - Apple Support
    • Find the model number. Learn how to find the model number of your iPhone. Then find the model number in the list below.
    • iPhone 12 Pro Max. Year introduced: 2020. Capacity: 128, 256, 512 GB. Colors: Silver, graphite, gold, pacific blue. Model numbers: A2342 (United States), A2410 (Canada, Japan), A2412 (China mainland, Hong Kong, Macao), A2411 (other countries and regions)
    • iPhone 12 Pro. Year introduced: 2020. Capacity: 128, 256, 512 GB. Colors: Silver, graphite, gold, pacific blue. Model numbers: A2341 (United States), A2406 (Canada, Japan), A2408 (China mainland, Hong Kong, Macao), A2407 (other countries and regions)
    • iPhone 12. Year introduced: 2020. Capacity: 64, 128, 256 GB. Colors: Black, white, (PRODUCT)RED, green, blue. Model numbers: A2172 (United States), A2402 (Canada, Japan), A2404 (China Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao), A2403 (other countries and regions)
  9. How to Transfer Contacts From iPhone to iPhone

    Sep 11, 2020 · Upgrading to a new iPhone is exciting, but not if you lose the important things from your old phone, like your contacts. Transfer contacts from your old phone to your new one to avoid losing phone numbers, addresses, and other contact information.

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