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  2. The Chinese Wikipediaautomatically transliterates from modern Mandarin Chineseinto six standard forms: Mainland China, Malaysia(grouped with Singapore until mid-2018) and Singaporein simplified Chinese characters, and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macauin traditional Chinese characters.

  3. WikiShark enables the viewing and comparison of pageview traffic data from the years 2008–. ... Page views statistics for several Wikipedia languages. You can ...

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    Since its launch in 2001, Wikipedia has hosted 306 different language versions. Compared to the roughly 7,000 languagesspoken in the world this number can seem small, but considering just 23 languages are spoken by more than half the world’s population, these 306 cover a broad swath of humanity. Adding a new Wikipedia is not an automatic process. W...

    There are a few different ways to measure how big a Wikipedia is, but if you’re going off of how many articles a language has, English is the clear champion. The top 10, however, has some outliers.

    For the most part, Wikipedia articles are not translated directly from one language to another. There are clear exceptions to that, as the Cebuano example provides, but an article can exist in multiple languages and be completely different. You can possibly find out a lot more about a Spanish-specific topic if you read the Spanish Wikipedia article...

  4. Nov 28, 2022 · Most major websites support an average of 50-100 languagesWikipedia supports roughly 300 languages, a number that grows every year. When you break it down, we have about one employee for every four million monthly readers of Wikipedia.

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