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  1. This List of National Fish Hatcheries in the United States includes the 70 National Fish Hatcheries, seven Fish Technology Centers and nine Fish Health Centers that are administered as components of the National Fish Hatchery System by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service . References National Fish Hatcheries - U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

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    In additional to our network of hatcheries, the National Fish Hatchery System operates 13 applied science facilities that assist our fish production programs by advancing the fields of genetics, physiology, pathology, and nutrition. 1. 71 National Fish Hatcheries 2. 7 Fish Technology Centers 3. 6 Fish Health Centers 4. 1 Historic National Fish Hatc...

    Hatcheries can be a unique and powerful tool for wildlife conservation when they are used to recover wild populations and support sustainable recreational fisheries. 1. 110 million – Fish released by national fish hatcheries. 2. 81 million – Eggs transferred through the National Broodstock Program. 3. 16.6 million – Threatened or endangered wildlif...

    Many states rely on aquaculture to stock lakes and rivers with fish populations for sustainable recreational fishing. The National Fish Hatchery System works closely with our state and Tribal partners to produce and stock fish using advanced genetic tools and techniques to maximize performance and to minimize negative impact on wild fish. 1. 106 mi...

    National fish hatcheries support conservation by raising aquatic wildlife to recover federally listed threatened or endangered species, improve sustainable recreational fishing, support fisheries that have been impacted by a federal dam project, and prevent at-risk species from becoming endangered. 129 – Total number of species raised on national f...

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  3. Data in Fisheries of the United States are preliminary, subject to revision as we get more information and updates from our regional partners. For the most current data, search our online statistics. Infographics The following are visual snapshots from the 2020 Fisheries of the United States Report Current Report

  4. Jun 08, 2022 · A snapshot of aquaculture data from the 2020 'Fisheries of the United States' report. While the worldwide amount of wild-caught seafood has stayed the same year to year, the amount raised through aquaculture has risen dramatically. The U.S. imports 70 to 85 percent of its seafood; nearly half of this imported seafood is produced via aquaculture.

  5. The Coleman National Fish Hatchery was established in 1942 to mitigate for the loss of historic spawning areas. Contruction of Shasta and Keswick dams blocked access to approximately 187 miles of upstream habitat. Historically, Chinook salmon and steelhead trout migrated to the upper reaches of the Sacramento, Pit, and McCloud rivers to spawn.

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