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  1. 2 days ago · Wall Street sees many of the big winners this week cooling off from here—with one notable exception. Published Fri, Jan 27 20233:18 PM EST Updated 5 Hours Ago. Hakyung Kim. Share.

  2. There is a paradox between the ambition and competence of the Indian state, and the gap between the two is why so many public policies fail, according to public policy scholar Pranay Kotasthane.

  3. The definition of numerous is something that has many elements or that is large in number. 240 42 several (Chiefly Dial.) Quite a few; many 112 33 countless The definition of countless is too many to be counted or too numerous to measure. 103 24 diverse Relating to or containing people from different ethnicities and social backgrounds: 71 39

  4. 6 hours ago · The Chiefs have won two Super Bowl wins and will be looking to add another to their franchise history. The Kansas City Chiefs are headed to Super Bowl LVII on Sunday, February 21, where they will look to add a third championship to their franchise history. They defeated the Cincinnati Bengals, 23-20, in the AFC Championship Game to advance to ...

  5. 16 hours ago · Since the Super Bowl was introduced in 1967, the Eagles have reached the title game only three times. The first came in the 1980 season. Led by Ron Jaworski and Harold Carmichael, the Eagles went 12-4 and met the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl, but they fell short in a 27-10 loss. Philadelphia didn’t reach another Super Bowl until the 2004 ...

  6. many meaning: 1. used mainly in negative sentences and questions and with "too", "so", and "as" to mean "a large…. Learn more.

  7. We can use the expression as many as to talk about a high number that is surprising or shocking: As many as 5,000 people are believed to have died in the earthquake. We can use the expression in as many to mean ‘in the same number of’: He doesn’t seem to be very lucky in love. He’s had three girlfriends in as many months.