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  1. World per capita fish supply reached a new record high of 20 kg in 2014. This is thanks to vigorous growth in aquaculture and to a slight improvement in the state of certain fish stocks due to improved fisheries management. Aquaculture now provides half of all fish for human consumption. Learn more about global aquaculture

  2. Apr 27, 2022 · Student debt also has also exploded. A Millennial who started college in 2007 paid an average of $19,400 per year for tuition, room and board. A first-year-of-college Boomer in 1974 paid about $10,300, adjusted for inflation.

  3. May 09, 2022 · In 1944, relief pitchers were an anomaly, and starters tossed well over 100 pitches per outing. Charley “Red” Barrett only needed about half that many pitches when he took the mound on Aug. 10, as he threw a 58-pitch complete game, which remains the fewest number of pitches ever needed for a complete game. Diamond Images // Getty Images

  4. In 2020, Dilophosaurus was also given a scientific makeover. More detailed studies revealed it had significantly thicker, keratin-covered crests filled with air sacs, rather than the thin plate-like crests seen in the film, and robust jaws that would have been perfectly suitable to kill prey, meaning it would not have needed venom.